Tips For Exercising After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is becoming more common every day.  There are numerous reasons why an individual may choose breast augmentation surgery.  If you are considering breast augmentation and you’re an athlete, you could be wondering how the surgery might affect your physique.  

Getting back to your regular exercise routine may take some time, but there are things you can do to keep your body moving as you recover.  Take the time now to read through a few tips aimed towards helping you exercise safely after breast augmentation surgery.  

When it’s safe to get moving

Each patient is an individual, and no body is the same.  You may recover slower or faster than others, but there are some general guidelines which help keep you in the safe zone as you begin to move.  

It’s a common rule of thumb to wait at least six weeks after your surgery to attempt any rigorous exercise.  You can keep your body moving in some ways before the six-week mark, but don’t try to push your body too soon. 

Exercise that you can do after two weeks

After two weeks of allowing your body to recover, you should be healed up enough to go on a light walk.  Don’t try to walk across town or anything, but you can traverse the neighborhood.  

Pay attention to how hard you’re pushing yourself.  Don’t try to speed-walk, jog, or run.  There’s no sports bra that can support your newly reconstructed chest well enough to shield you from pain or damage.  

What’s safe after three weeks of recovery

As long as you first have the doctor’s approval, three weeks is typically a good time to begin working on your lower body a bit.  Don’t try to work your upper body rigorously at this point, as you may run the risk of damaging your implant.  

When you work on your lower body, be conscious of how your exercises are affecting your upper body.  Stick to low impact exercises. Now is the time when a brisk walk may be acceptable.  

Six weeks after recovery 

Most of the time, six weeks is the marker for being cleared to resume a regular exercise schedule.  Once again, it’s vital that you pay attention to what your body is telling you as you move.  

If you find that your normal regimen is a little too tough, there’s no shame in taking it a little easier.  Also, don’t begin exercising at full steam until you have clearance from your plastic surgeon.

Advice for choosing a sports bra 

After your breast implant surgery, your new additions will take a little time to settle into place.  Be aware of this fact when choosing an appropriate sports bra to wear. Avoid bras that add extra pressure to your chest or constrict blood flow. 

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