Which Perfume Bottle Would You Choose?

Today, many people change the bottles they use in their everyday life. For example, they tend to change the plastic to glass. This is mainly because glass is the best choice, because it’s healthier, clean and can for a longer period of time than the plastic ones. It’s made out of the purest materials in nature, such as the sand. For centuries they were actually made out of silica (which is the basic component of sand) glass. So, check the following main bottles that exist in the market today, before you choose which one you prefer in order to make the best choice for you, your family and your health.

 Polycarbonate Plastic Bottles

Polycarbonate plastic bottles were the most popular ones in the market before the stainless steel ones. In fact, they were big, strong enough and lightweight and they were manufactured with the hormone BPA. The very composition of polycarbonate plastic is toxic and can’t protect against the heat, leaching chemicals into our water.

Aluminum Water Bottles

Aluminum bottles are light but, but they can produce dangerous substances and chemicals when they get hot. If you use them, you need to remember that if you expose them to your body, they can have various effects, such as harmful chemicals, especially when these linings get scratched, and the aluminum is exposed.

Glass Water Bottles

Unlike plastics which have a history of harmful chemicals into food and releasing BPA into perfume bottles, glass bottles some great characteristics. For example, they have a non-porous, don’t absorb germs and they don’t contain any kind of chemicals. Above all you need to remember that they are extremely safe for your health.

Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Stainless steel bottles are less reactive with liquids and they can be used in the perfume, as well as various industries that produce wines, whereas aluminum can react to a number of foods and can affect their color and even their taste. So, you need to check well with your Perfume Cap Supplier before you buy them and choose the best for your health, in order to protect yourself and your family.

What You Should Look For

The best choice is stainless steel for toxic-free perfume. Even though plastic ones may have better colors or designs and may look more attractive, by choosing a Perfume Cap Supplier who deals with stainless steel you’re protecting yourself from BPA. Moreover, they can last for a longer period of time. So you have to be alert and check them from time to time.

From What Kind Of Material Is The Cap?

You have to know that most of these caps have circular lining. And you need to remember that it’s typically made out of plastic. You may also find plastic along the top of your cap, a soft buffer that is between the mouth piece and cap of bottle of glass.

Stainless steel and aluminum have proven to be a better option for packaging than plastic bottles. Stainless steel bottles are often confused with aluminum bottles and they are often lined with epoxy or enamel lay to prevent a reaction when contacted with acidic liquid. Most of these stainless steel bottles cannot be recycled and there are speculations about possibilities of the lining leaching BPA, it is still a less harmful package than plastic bottles. Aluminum, on the other hand, does no need lining and since they are non-reactive, they certainly do not leach. They, however, can produce metallic taste and their temperature can be easily regulated due to the climate. But they are lightweight and durable.

How Mobile Is It?

It is important to be able to move your bottle water at will. The glass water bottle can help you travel seamless; you can fit it into your luggage or your car cup holder.

It is also important for you to do a critical research yourself; you can go online and read about the bottle that stays the longest or you as well get advice from your perfume cap supplier. You would see that glass, stainless and aluminum can stay a lifetime than plastic. You can also check the products that are being used to make them and weigh the difference.


The popular trend is the transition from plastic bottle water to glass water. There is no surprise there because glass is the cleanest of them all; it is made from sand, a pure material that has given the glass a higher place than the other containers.


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