Important Information About UK Immigration Law & Skilled Worker Visa for 2021

The immigration law in UK is not complicated as compared to other EU nations. However, many people are often seen puzzled while searching for relevant information about the immigration laws and visas on the internet. We at OTS solicitors will guide you regarding skilled worker visas with our years of experience in this field.

This article will also discuss the eligibility criteria for a skilled worker visa and other relevant information about UK immigration.

What is Skilled Worker Visa?

The term skilled worker visa is referred to the specific visa that allows people to come and stay in the United Kingdom for any job. However, the eligible candidates also need to have an approved employer first to get the skilled worker visa; otherwise, the immigration department will not consider your request. 

Remember, you also need to know that the Tier 2 general work visa in the UK has been replaced with this skilled worker visa. If you are applying for the general work visa, you should know that it has been replaced with this specific skilled worker visa.

Eligibility Criteria

We have seen many people struggling to find the correct and authentic eligibility criteria for skilled worker visas in the UK. For the additional comfort of the readers, we have listed few essential points that you should carefully read before applying for this skilled worker visa.

  • You want to work for any UK employer who also has approval from the Home Office.
  • Authentic certificate of sponsorship with complete information about the purpose of the job in the UK.
  • The salary meets the requirement of the minimum wage, which is decided by the government of the UK.
  • Any authentic document of your job confirmation.

Moreover, these above-mentioned requirements are not specified for all the jobs, and the eligibility criteria may be different for your job.

Salary Package

The salary package in a skilled worker visa depends on the type of job that you are selected for. However, as per our information and research, the minimum salary threshold starts from 25k pounds per year. In contrast, it may also increase depending upon your job.

How Long Skilled Worker Visa Lasts?

Well, the maximum time period of a skilled worker visa is up to 5 years or more. However, you have to apply for the extension of your visa if you have decided to increase its duration. Moreover, it’s also important to apply for the updated visa once it’s expired or you have switched your job.


We hope this detailed guide was enough to provide you with all the information regarding immigration law in UK and skilled worker visa. Remember, it’s always a smart decision to consult any business immigration company first before taking any decision. You can contact the dedicated helpline of OTS solicitors anytime in case of any queries or confusion. Our supporting helpline member will be available to you anytime on phone calls. You can also ask your questions by email, we will respond to you as soon as possible once we will receive your email.

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