How to Use Email Marketing to Boost Customer Loyalty

Email marketing is a great way to boost customer loyalty. It is one of the few proven methods out there. You can have a huge following on social media, but your customers may not see your content because of how the algorithms work, and they may not engage with it if they do. Posts and advertisements are encouragements for customers to come to you, but email is your chance to go directly to your customer. It’s the best way to start an honest dialogue and curate a real relationship with your customers.

Email marketing isn’t easy, however. First, you need to get past spam filters, and then you need to craft emails that are worth opening by the subject line alone, and then once you’ve reached past all that, you need to entice your customers to read your newsletters and to engage with them.

It’s hard, but it isn’t impossible when you use this email marketing strategy:

Start with the Formatting

How your email looks matters. People don’t want to see a plain-formatted email as they would send to their co-workers or their friends. They want a professional template because it assures them that your brand is of high quality. The good thing about this is that it means you can get creative. Your emails can be works of art that are informative, professional, and engaging. You only need to work hard to create the format a few times, as uniformity is essential for your branding strategy.

Add an Email Signature

An email signature is a perfect way to add that extra touch of pizzaz to your emails, and it works wonders at improving your engagement directly from within the email itself. You can do so much with a email signature, and they can be customized to help improve customer loyalty, inter-employee loyalty, and of course, boosts your overall brand quality.

Craft a Variety of Newsletters

Giving your customers a choice on the type of ways you can stay in touch is a must. In some countries, it is even the law to get that consent in the first place. By asking and allowing them to customize their email settings (from essential emails relating to purchases and other account information) to sales to even a news bulletin, you can give your customers what they want, if they want it.

It also allows you to keep your emails to the point and focused. This is how you can send value directly to your customers without overloading them with content they don’t want.

Be Helpful (and Personalized)

You can re-engage your customers with emails in many ways, but your efforts must help them. Send them a reminder of items in their basket that they haven’t checked out, inform them before their next subscription is to be sent out so that they can amend it, cancel it, or add to it if needs be. Reward them and special discounts like a birthday deal or other special rewards just for being your customer. These are helpful email marketing solutions that are easy and very effective.

As a final note, always remember to use metrics to measure your success so you can give your customers more of what they love every time.

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