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When it comes to graphics designing and all of the sudden when it comes down to the whole lot of editing stuff Adobe Photoshop is the name that occurs in every mind. Because of its simplicity has earned most people times and life routines as well. In everyday usage, big business, film industries, music studios and fake stunts are being in this piece of software. Free PSD templates are the best part of it. You can buy more and more packages if you want to get things to whole new next level which is premium membership account. This Adobe is very ill in every aspect he is capable. It’s a raster editor for both pictures as well as for videos too. Developed by Adobe Systems Corporation for MacOS and Windows. Below are some of their details:


  • Drawn up by Adobe systems for business users.
  • The initial release date is 19th February 1990, approximately 27 years ago from now on.
  • Stable until a release of CC 2015 to 8th of August 2016, 2 and half months ago.
  • Status is active yet.
  • Written in the language of C++.
  • Supported operating systems are Windows and macOS.
  • The platform supports only lA-32 and x64-86.
  • Available in 26 languages and still counting.
  • Website:

Created by John Knoll and Thomas in 1988 for personal and business use only. As time passes people and media attracted so much to it, it gained media attention in 1998 when filters came to life. There were filters on all over the faces of individuals. And then the rest is history. Back then it was given the name as a reward of de facto. The verb of this famous raster graphics piece of software was for Free PSD templates and to let the image come to life.

Supported file format: The default set extension to this editing software for pictures is PSD. PSD stands for Photoshop Document. It stores this data into main path and location of the program and later on extract and convert it to from one format to another you want to set and to use it. But there are many other useful options available as well such as, layers which are capable with masks on them, bold, italic and underline the text, spot colors, duotone settings, transparency of hood, paths of clipping and some other alpha channels as well. The size of default format is set to be on 4Kb.

Plugins: There are no default plugins on Free PSD templates or adobe photoshop. You have to manually install them later on via visiting their website or simply by grabbing plugins onto their software store. There are so many useful plugins such as Adobe camera raw which lets you create a shortcut for you the raw account of pictures. Color correction, special effect, 3D effects, deep natural and transparent are some of the most used plugins in this patch of software.

Shape tools: You can carry the variety of tools with you when you are getting into this editing tool. Such as rectangles, polygons, variety of lines and ellipses too. You can manipulate this shape to create the best one which is for you taste and style.

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