Four Social Media Tips for Businesses

In the digital age, there are several ways in which you can engage with consumers over the internet instead of on the phone or in store. The most successful of these, as shown in countless marketing and consumer reports, takes place on social media. As such, a sound social media strategy and approach will help your business harness the power of these platforms for your marketing purposes – and that’s what this article details. Read on to learn four key tips for using social media for your business this year.


Social media isn’t like other marketing media. It’s not the place to be formal and business-like. These are informal spaces for chatter, emojis, internet slang, memes, and gifs. If you can tap into this kind of vernacular while you’re working with social media, you’ll stand a better chance of connecting with the consumers who mean the most to you. Make sure you hire a young professional to help you set up your social media pages, keeping them on trend and active throughout the year. This professional will be able to respond to comments and queries on social media in their own confident and conversational way.


Social media has developed over the years – and it’s now one of the main spots for marketing and advertising in the world. How did social media become a primary marketing venue? Because of the data it has on users. With social media, you’re able to dissect user bases on an increasingly granular level in order to observe which types of consumer you’re drawing to interact with your website. This is exciting news for any brand that’s looking to target marketing output to a specific subset of consumers – you’ll be able to access and interact with this subset on social media.

New Security

Social media isn’t just a sunlit upland free from the threats and downsides of the rest of the digital world, though. Actually, there are specific security issues related to your use of social media that it’s important to be cognizant of as you use this medium for marketing, communications, and brand awareness. As you grow as a business on social media, so too should your strategy to protect your followers from hacks and to protect your own data banks from the kind of cyberattacks that can be costly for businesses in the long term. Luckily, you can look at this list of FraudWatch International cyber security services to make sure you’re up to date with your security.

Understanding Platforms

For the old and technophobic – and, increasingly, you can be as young as 25 and fit into this category – the world of social media can seem increasingly bizarre. But if you’re truly excited about engaging with users on these platforms, you need to know which ones are best. Here’s an overview:

  • Facebook – one of the most popular in the world, and a great place for targeting
  • Instagram – owned by Facebook, with the same datasets. Best for photographic content
  • Snapchat – used by a younger user base, so best-suited to targeting young consumers
  • TikTok – an emerging light of social media, this is the Gen-Z hotspot at the moment

By understanding the best social media to advertise on, you’ll be best placed to work out where you should spend your marketing budget in 2020.

Use these four social media tips to boost your business in 2020 and beyond.

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