The Expert’s Guide to Après Ski Style

Do you have an upcoming ski trip planned to a chic and luxurious mountain town? If so, then it’s time to acquaint yourself with après ski style and activities. While you may assume your day is over when the slopes shut down, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, thanks to après ski, your fun can continue well into the early morning hours, so you’ll want to be sure you’re dressed for it.

What is Après Ski?

Après ski is a French term for the words “after ski”. It’s literally what you do after you finish your day on the slopes. It refers to the social hours that occur after the skiing is done and tourists are looking for dining and nightlife. Along with the nightlife, it also has its own distinct style where clothing is concerned. You want to look as though you just finished a day on the slopes.

In terms of which mountain towns offer this après ski nightlife, pretty much all the big ones are on-board. Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada is an excellent example of a traditional ski village that offers a robust après ski lifestyle. Its posh and luxurious accommodations, which can be found at, are perfect for this style of clothing.

The Perfect Sweater

One of the staple items in après ski style is the perfect sweater. You want to pick something that is a knit, and most people lean towards a wool sweater. If you want to go that extra mile, look for a sweater that has a woven design or pattern that can be associated with winter (snowflakes, evergreens, bears, etc.). As for the color, you can go neutral and keep it basic or opt for something brighter like traditional red or green.

The Signature Ski Jacket

Of course, this look wouldn’t be the same without a signature ski jacket. With this item, you can actually wear the same jacket you wore on the slopes. If you want to give a nod to fashion, though, look for something with fur (faux fur is fine), such as fur cuffs, collar, or embellishments. The traditional colors of cream, black, and white are the most popular.

Trendy Ski Boots

Since you’re not going to walk around the village in actual ski boots, you need to find something that still screams “skiing”. One of the most popular ski boots for women is the mukluk style that features fur and tassels. Aim for a boot that sits around the mid-thigh or lower in order to be on-trend.

Ski Shell Pants

As far as your pants go, look for a ski shell style of pants. This will help to create that look of just getting off the slope, while at the same time you could actually wear these pants for skiing and snowboarding. This means the pants are doing double-duty and saving you space in your luggage. Ideally you want your pants to match your ski jacket to really complete the look.

Staying True to the Style

When it comes to après ski style there is one rule to follow and that’s to appear as though you just got off the slopes. What this means is that you’ll be warm, comfortable, and stylish all evening long.

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