Expert Tips On Slab Leak Detection

Buildings can be built on various types of foundations. Some are built on a basement, while some are built on a crawl space. In Port Charlotte FL, you will find that a lot of homes have been built on a concrete slab. This is a unique foundation as the plumbing pipes are usually found in the ground underneath the slab. The floor in which you walk on is directly above the slab, and the pipes are found below it.

If your residential home has been built on a crawl space or on a basement, it is fairly easy to reach the pipes if a leak develops. However, if your home is on a concrete slab, you will have to break the concrete to reach the pipes. As a matter of fact, it becomes quite hard to tell whether you have a leak or not with such a foundation. However, there are certain indications that show signs of a slab leak. In this article, we are going to give you a few Port Charlotte FL slab leak detection tips straight from the experts, so buckle up!

Port Charlotte FL slab leak detection

If you have a concrete patio connected to your house, the first thing you will want to do is look for wet spots or puddles on the patio. If there is a slab leak, then the water might run out from the concrete slab to the attached patio. So, if you come across wet spots that do not seem to disappear, then this is a good indication of a slab leak.

If you walk barefoot through you house, do you notice a warm spot on the floor? If so, it is a sign of a slab leak from the hot water pipes. In certain cases, you might feel a warm wet spot on the floor. This is a clear indication of a slab leak.

Also, you can look for water that is coming out under the cabinets or out of the walls. See, the problem with slab leaks is that there is not a place where the leak can drain into, and this leads to the leak coming through the walls of the building or even running out under the cabinets.

Checking the meter is another way to know if you have a leak. Read and take down the numbers showing your current usage of water. Then wait for at least an hour and do not use water in any form, be it running the taps or flushing the toilet. After this period, check the meter again and see if the numbers have moved. If they have increased, then this is a sign that you probably have a leak somewhere you do not know and this could be a slab leak as well.

Ideally, if you notice the water bill has rapidly risen yet you are using water just like before, then it means you might have a leak. In such cases, it is wise to check for the leak to avoid more costs and structural damage.

Leaks can be dangerous and can cost you a great deal of money if left unattended. If you think you have a slab leak, then you might want to contact a reputable slab leak detection plumber who specializes in underground leaks for further assistance.

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