Enjoy A Grand Evening Desert Safari With BBQ Dinner

You cannot miss out on excitement in your evenings at Dubai. Parties for socializing, fine dining in the plush restaurants all may be amusing for a period but it cannot linger your interests for long. You may want an experience more impactful than a mere socialite evening. The best recommendation for you is the evening desert safari with barbeque dinner.

You have the option to enjoy multiple adventures, seek new thrills from typical desert activities, follow up the adventure session with the entertainment session and a lavish barbeque dinner that concludes the eventful evening. Taste real adventure and plan an exhilarating evening. Nothing could be better than the offerings of the evening safari. You can enjoy a good balance of adventure, entertainment, enjoyment and delicious barbeque spread offered to you from the live cooking grills at the campsite.

As you may be new to Dubai, you may not know to locate good entertainment venues or best dining options. With the desert safari you can enjoy pulsating adventures, seek good thrills and have a fine dining experience.

What are the key ingredients for a splendid evening? You will easily agree that it is thrills, enjoyment, great food and dining, best entertainment. You can find all these best ingredients in your evening safari with BBQ dinner in Dubai. Evenings can be the most splendid hours with the introduction of the desert safaris at the sunset hours. The splendor of the experience begins with the glorious sunset. Watch the sun sink into the distant horizon casting it last glow on the desert stretch. Capture the splendid moment with your video cams and shoot good photographs of the rare natural scene.

The duration of the evening safari is between 5 to 6 hours. You can enjoy pulsating adventures and enjoy a differential experience in the evening hours. You will be picked up by professional drivers cum guides in air-conditioned vehicles from your hotel or destination and reached to the desert locale. At the end of the tour, you will be safely dropped back at the hotel or destination by the professional drivers cum guides who are conversant in English. The guides will offer you necessary assistance throughout the tour. You can approach them for any concerns related to your adventure activities. All the adventure activities will be explained to you and timely instructions will be delivered by the guides. You can follow them and enjoy your desert safari experience.

As you reach the desert locale, welcome beverages will be offered to you. Then the adventure session commences. You can enjoy safe adventures such as camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking and sand boarding successively. With clear instructions offered by the professional guides, you can enjoy a pulsating adventure experience in the desert scapes. If you require assistance and more instructions, the guides will accompany you till you are confident to enjoy the adventure activity yourself.  Besides the adventure session, you can enjoy photography in Arabic costumes and other thrilling engagements. At the campsite, enjoy Shisha smoking, treat with starters and refreshments. Women can opt for henna tattooing. The entertainment show is the prime attraction of the evening safari. Watch the brilliant performance of the belly dancers and Tanoura dancers at the campsite. Highly experienced dancers will deliver a captivating performance and offer you great exhilaration in the evening hours. Belly dancing belongs to Arabian harems and regalty; you have the splendid chance of enjoying the show at the evening desert safari with bbq dinner in Dubai. The final treat at the safari is the grand barbeque dinner with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies.

Book Your Tour Soon And Enjoy The Evening Desert Safari With BBQ dinner.

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