Designing Your Business Website For Digital Visibility

You can’t consider boosting your website visibility without including the concepts of search engine optimization.  Using SEO within the design of your website will help the internet’s major search engines define your subject matter more easily.

Proper search engine optimization tactics will place your digital content higher on the results list when web users search relevant terms.  Ranking higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages) is a sure way to gain more web traffic for your business.

Here is a brief synopsis of a few design tips that will boost the digital visibility of your business website.  Read through the content, and consider how you might amplify your site’s effectivity.

Design for communication

Your business website should be a welcoming place for visitors to leave their questions, comments, experiences, etc.  Design your website to encourage communication from visitors, and use the information you gather to build a more successful operation.

In addition to building an excellent “Contact Us” page for your website, learn to master the creation of a compelling call to action.

You may also want to add a phone number or a live chat box to your homepage.  This legal website for personal injuries presents visitors with several different ways to make contact through the ways in which they have chosen to lay out their design.

Build a well-written business blog

Adding a blog to your business website gives you a good reason to add new content on a regular occasion.  A well-written, well-designed business blog can make a powerful impact on your website’s traffic trends.

Build a collection of engaging blog posts, and make sure the content included parallels your organization’s industry of operation.  Relevant blog content makes a difference, and blog readers are a loyal, returning digital population.

Add high-quality media

Google’s search engine sorts through millions of pages of content in an instant to find exactly what web users are looking to explore.  When you add high quality pictures, videos, and other media to your website, you get “bonus points” with Google’s search algorithm.

Use plenty of keywords and phrases

Choosing the proper keywords and phrases within the text and metadata of your business website build will also earn your site bonus points with Google’s search algorithm.  Keywords and phrases are one of the most important ways Google can identify the subject matter of your website.

Link social media to your content

Don’t forget to add social media sharing icons to your website.  Research how to add all of the most popular social media sharing icons, and upgrade your design as soon as possible.

Drop the familiar linking icons in strategic locations throughout your business website design, and you can instantly add social media to your digital marketing plan.

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