Crazy-Day Themes at Work

Managers must constantly find ways to keep their employees motivated and engaged in their jobs. One way to keep team members excited is to organize activities and events that will encourage them to interact with one another and give them a break from routine.

For those who want to spice up the work environment, these ideas for a crazy day at work will certainly make the office a more fun and stimulating place.

Slumber-Party Workday

Who says slumber parties are just for kids? Throw a slumber-party-themed crazy day at work, and have employees wear their comfiest and most fashionable pajamas. The best dressed wins a theme-appropriate gift like a fluffy pillow, a white noise machine, or a new set of pajamas. Serve popular slumber party treats like hot cocoa during breaks.

Employees can also play slumber party games they enjoyed as kids, like spin the bottle, Twister, or charades, which can be great as an icebreaker at the start of the workday. Just make sure employees do not take the crazy theme to a whole new level and actually sleep during their shift.

Game of Thrones Marathon

Winter is coming—even at the office. Managers can join the Game of Thrones hype by scheduling a marathon to recap previous episodes of the popular HBO series. Make the event more exciting by dividing teams or departments according to the different houses in the show and have members dress up.

For example, the Lannisters can wear fancy red and gold, the Starks can dress up in winter garb, and so on. During break time, host a Game of Thrones trivia game so the teams can compete à la trial by combat but without the blood.

Favorite Supervillain

Superheroes are all the rage right now, but instead of jumping into the bandwagon, go for a supervillains theme instead. Ask employees to dress up as their choice of evil mastermind from their favorite book, movie, or television show.

Another take on this crazy-day theme is to ask teams to decorate their departments in the style of a supervillain’s headquarters, for example, Arkham Asylum from Batman or Mordor from The Lord of the Rings. This is also a great Halloween party idea for the office.

Favorite Musical Icon

Encourage employees to unleash their musical prowess by having them dress up as their favorite musician. Don’t just stop at costumes, though. Decorate the office so that it looks like a concert stadium or music awards night, complete with a red carpet. Make it more fun by renting a karaoke machine and preparing a program featuring a talent showdown. The best dressed and the most spectacular performance get a special trophy.

Yard Sale for a Cause

A crazy-day-themed workday isn’t just an opportunity to have fun. It can be a great time to do engage employees and bring them together in something meaningful. A yard sale for a good cause is a good example.

Find a charity organization, animal shelter, or any nonprofit group that the company can support. Encourage employees to bring old clothes, books or other used items and sell them at the office. For a wider reach, an alternative would be to sell clothes online instead of a physical location. The proceeds from the fund-raiser can then be donated.

Don’t Be Too Serious

People mean business when they’re running their business, but that doesn’t mean not having fun at work. Taking occasional breaks from the hustle and bustle of life and of work will recharge managers’ batteries, as well as those of their subordinates.

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