AsaVea Pro

They say with regards to hair; the grass is constantly greener on the opposite side. Ladies with straight hair worship wavy locks, while those with a wavy mane crave reasonable, straight bolts as it is Chi Original Pro product.

Features and Functionalities:
This is a standard rectifying brush, which has exactly the intended effect to smooth and fix the tresses. It does it in a way that no other manual gadget ever could. This clay segment based gadget is anything but difficult to utilize and highlights fast warming. Against burn innovation. This spares a great deal of time and exertion, intensely taking a shot at your hair. In the meantime, it keeps tresses, fingers and scalp free from any smolders.

The design of AsaVea Tool:

  • Size:
    A few hairbrushes are substantial in size, and others are much too little. Nonetheless, this one is neither too little nor too extensive. It is the ideal size that fits perfectly in about anybody’s hand.
  • Material:
    We incline toward instruments that are lightweight as they don’t strain wrist or lower arm when individuals are dealing with for an augmented timeframe. The best component of AsaVea brush is that it is developed of a top-notch DuPont plastic. This makes the body light and simple to move.
  • The shape of Head:
    For a wavy mane, bunches and tangles have dependably been an issue. This apparatus accompanies a head that is rectangular fit as a fiddle. This makes it particularly helpful for detangling the hair. This one effectively goes through tresses and unravels the bunches without pulling too hard. It tends to turn the brush internal as it methodologies the finishes of the hair as we want to have smooth closures rather than sharp, pointy ones.
  • Color:
    This instrument arrives in a mix of red and dark. We should state that it looks exceptionally tasteful. The splendid red emerges against the lovely dark setting.


  • It is lightweight
  • Thin plan and moment warming
  • The power catches are on the back to avoid unintentional discouraging of them
  • The brush can be utilized for both rectifying and twisting
  • The plan is extremely basic making it simple to work
  • It doesn’t pull the hair
  • It is well made and is of the most noteworthy quality



  • The link at times does not swivel as much as 360 degrees
  • It works just on 110V AC, making it unsatisfactory out of the container for worldwide utilize

Additional Features:
The one noteworthy issue that happens is with rectifying irons is that they appear to take always too warm up. What likes about this item is it takes just about a moment to achieve the full working temperature of 365° F. It applies steady warmth when It turns on. Besides, the safeguard component, which kills the unit in 60 minutes, proves to be useful on the off chance that you are neglectful. With the astonishing shape, shading and elements like the counter single innovation and LED show, it would not reconsider before prescribing this hair fixing brush to anybody. It utilizes this gadget routinely on dry tresses, and you have been exceptionally happy with its capacities and results.

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