A Guide to Planning a Memorable Pool Party

The weather is warming up, and it’s time to celebrate! How do you ensure that your pool party is one that nobody will be quick to forget? Follow this simple guide.

Think about the theme

It is always fun to embellish your party with a theme. Obviously, a popular theme is that of a tropical island paradise, but don’t let that stop you from getting creative.

Send out invites

It is important to send out the invites at least a few weeks in advance. During the summertime, people’s schedules tend to get booked up quite quickly, so secure your spot if you want to ensure that all of your nearest and dearest can make it! Don’t forget to include an RSVP date and any additional information concerning what people should bring.

Organize the catering

Now the planning can begin full force! Aside from the sunshine and plenty of fun in the water, the food is often the best part of a pool party. Keep in mind that your guests probably won’t want to settle down to a sit-down meal. It’s never a good idea to swim with a full stomach, after all! Having said that, you definitely want to make sure that there are lots of tasty summer-friendly snacks available. Think watermelon, fruit sticks, chips and dips, etc. The more refreshing, the better.

Organize the drinks

What is a pool party without a delicious array of sinfully sweet cocktails? Unless you plan to make them yourself, which can prove exhausting, it is worthwhile to consider hiring a bartending service to take care of this all-important duty on your behalf. There are a wide variety of event bartending companies that specialize in pool parties, such as eventbartenders.com.

Sort out the decorations

Now is another time to allow those creative juices to flow. There are a number of classic summer decorations to think about, such as Tiki torches, leis/garlands, beach balls, and, of course, giant inflatables. Not only will your guests love floating around the pool on these giant inflatables, but they will also make for the perfect props for a notable Instagram photo op!

Plan your party playlist

Be sure to add as many classic summer hits as you can think of. Mix and match with all of the latest summer releases for a rocking party that people from all generations will enjoy. Don’t forget to invest in or hire a few speakers for optimal sound quality.

Keep your guests comfortable

Spending an entire day in the sun is wonderful, but it’s imperative that all of your guests take the necessary precautions to protect their skin. Perhaps consider setting up a sunscreen station and remind your guests to top up with a new layer every hour or so. You also can’t go wrong with plush lounge chairs in which people can kick back, relax, and let their stress melt away.

Here’s to a pool party that ticks all of the boxes — what a great way to welcome the beautiful summer weather with open arms. Make the most of it! Winter will return before you know it.

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