5 Useful Tools to Help You Decorate Like A Pro

Home improvement projects can be fun, but redecorating also has its pitfalls. It’s always a bigger job than you anticipate, and making sure you keep the lines crisp and clean can be a challenge. Often, paint smudges can end up on the ceiling, sometimes it can come out patchy, and occasionally paint splotches end up on your carpets. It can be frustrating, but with a bit of patience and the right tools, you could end up with a beautifully decorated room than soon becomes your favorite spot in the house. Here are some useful tools to help you decorate like a pro when completing your next home improvement project.


If its wallpaper you want to take down, dampening it with warm water is OK, but this process could take a lot longer. Instead, buy or borrow a steamer to help make the process easier. It won’t damage your walls and the heat will help to soften the adhesive, therefore keeping the paper on your walls. Then use a putty knife to cleanly scrape off the old wallpaper, leaving your walls smooth to apply paint or new paper.


Having a worktable in the room is a smart idea. It will help to avoid spills and trips by providing a safer space to place paint cans and tools. Also, if you are applying new wallpaper, it’s easier to apply the paste to it on one of these tables, rather than the floor, and will keep the paper clean from any other dirt in the room.

Mylar Sheets

These are more for those who want to be more creative with their decorating projects. Mylar sheets are brilliant to use for making stencils, and if you’re planning to incorporate some patterns onto your wall, they might be of use to you. They are easy to clean and more robust than other materials such as vinyl. If you are looking for that perfect, professional finish to your decorative stenciling, then these sheets are the way to go.


It’s always best to decorate in the daylight, but for darker, dingy rooms or working late into the evening, consider investing in a spotlight. Although you might have the main light in the room to work with, a spotlight will help you see corners and underlit spaces much better. This will allow you to make sure that even a hard-to-see part of the room has been decorated to the same quality as the rest of it.


Finally, sandpaper is always worth having to hand. You will need it to smooth out and remove paint from skirting boards and doors that need repainting, and you might also want to use it on items of furniture. Smaller sheets for manual sanding should be in your toolbox, but an electric sander will be best for bigger surface areas.

You already know that you need paintbrushes, rollers, plastic sheets, and rags to decorate a room. However, think about getting some of these other useful tools to help make your decorating project easier and for a professional-looking finish.

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