3 Perfect Kid Room Themes for Your Big Girl When She’s Not a Baby Anymore

Kids grow up so fast. Before you know it, your little baby girl will be running around all over the house. Next thing you know, the nursery will be completely useless and she’ll be ready for a room of her own.

In some ways, you’ll be wondering where the time went. But, on the other hand, now the fun begins! All the sleepless nights and changing sessions are in the past, and your daughter will now begin developing her own personality and interests.

To cultivate her development, she needs the right type of space. The exact design and setup can vary depending on her likes and interests. No matter what, though, you should involve her in the process. After all, this is her room, and making her happy and comfortable in her big girl bed is a big part of making this work.

That said, there are a few great options that often work well for any child. So, as you start to plan out the new room, be sure to consider the following options that any young girl would love.

1. Fairytale Kingdom

No matter how old she gets, she will always be your little princess. So why not make it official? Chances are your daughter is already in love with modern fairytales like Frozen or other animated classics from Disney. To add to her joyous fandom, you could decide to build her a small castle playhouse, add a queen’s court tea party set, and outfit her new bed with frills and pillows fit for royalty. Just like that, you can transform a normal room into a magical kingdom.

2. Natural Wonder

While some kids love the realm of fantasy, others find more joy in the real, natural world. For those who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, why not bring it inside? Nothing will help better instill her love for the environment and sense of wonder than adding some vibrant plants, painting flowers on the wall, and outfitting the space with friendly stuffed animals. With just a little effort, she can now live every day like it’s straight from the pages of The Jungle Book.

3. Artistic World

Almost every young girl loves art. Whether it’s crayons and finger paints or drawing and brush strokes, her inner creative side will show up in one form or another. All parents should look to nurture this instinct and spark expression from their child. Kids wall art makes for an amazing source of inspiration and can be found in everything from fun patterns and quirky colors to map prints and animal drawings. No matter what you decide to buy, your daughter will now be able to experience a little bit of artwork every day of her young life.

Creating a Whole New World for Your Daughter

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing quite like getting your own room for the first time. Indeed, it’s much more than a place to sleep and play; it’s your own little world and a place that becomes special because it’s all yours. This is where imagination takes over and where your daughter will start her journey to adulthood.

On some level, this will be a path she goes down by herself. But, as a parent, you must always be there to help guide her along the way. That begins by giving her the environment she needs. For your little princess, consider a fairytale kingdom. If you think you’re raising an adventurer or scientist in the making, go with a natural wonder world. Or, if she is more the artistic type, embrace and nurture her creative side.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of these pursuits. In any setting, she will end up creating the world she wants to live in, anyway. But it’s always a great idea to do everything you can to help her explore and find herself.

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