Wrong Fuel Recovery Are Now The Largest Mobile Fuel Drain Company In The UK

Wrong Fuel Recovery has now made it as the largest mobile fuel drain company in the UK as they now have full UK coverage. This news comes after it was announced that over 150,000 motorists have put the wrong fuel in their car last year alone. Wrong Fuel Recovery works along side major breakdown companies to provide a fast and effective service when motorists accidentally put the wrong fuel in their car. It is estimated that one in five motorists have put the wrong fuel in a car. Wrong Fuel Recovery has kindly provided us with some top tips for when you put the wrong fuel in a car.

Wrong Fuel Recovery

  1. Don’t panic. The worst thing to do in this situation is panic.
  2. Don’t start the engine as this circulates the contaminated fuel around the system.
  3. Call Wrong Fuel Recovery directly to receive the lowest price possible.
  4. We will be with you within 1 hour and the process usually takes around 20-30 minutes

If the vehicle has been started, Wrong Fuel Recovery advise turning off the engine immediately and calling them for advice. They can still come and help you in this situation.

With over 30 years experience in the breakdown and recovery industry, Wrong Fuel Recovery based in Watford, London is a part of the WF Recovery Group that provides numerous breakdown and recovery services across the UK. They have been doing the wrong fuel recovery assistance for just over 10 years and are now the market leaders in their field of work. When asked what was worse petrol in a diesel car or diesel in a petrol car, they said that now both are as bad as each other. Before diesel into a petrol was worse because the old diesels could practically run on anything but now that the new diesel vehicles are refined to such a high standard they are not tolerable to any contamination at all. Before you could get away with putting a little bit of petrol in a diesel car, now it’s a major risk to take for the sakes of a couple hundred quid. If damaged is caused from using the wrong fuel the damage can amount to thousands of pounds depending on what components have failed due to the wrong fuel being used. If you have put the wrong fuel in your car or you simply need advice then we recommend calling Wrong Fuel Recovery.

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