How to Write Killer Sales Copy: The Structure

What does damn good copy look like? I mean – we all know that sales copy should be seductive; that it should address customer’s needs; that we should talk less about us and more about them. But is there any structure pattern that we can follow? Or should you just trust your gut and let the words magically create disarming copy? If you ever wondered how to write texts that make customers fall in love with you and your products, the following structure will be your secret weapon.

Naturally, an introductory paragraph should address the problem that brings potential customers to your website. Be it a headache, broken computer, or need for a good SEO specialist – show your customers that you know exactly how they feel by putting their struggles into words. My personal advice is to use phrases that your clients would use when talking about their troubles with friends. The easier it is for customers to relate to the problem, the sooner they start trusting you.


  1. Offer

Let customers know that they are not alone and there is a solution. You exist to fix things in the first place, so devote 2-3 sentences to introducing your offer. Remember that it should bring a big response from your audience. Say you are a nail artist. What would work better: simple manicure or manicure + free coffee? Of maybe manicure + free coffee + free hand care set? Test it beforehand.

  1. Benefits

This is where you amplify your offer with the help of benefits that your customer will enjoy having purchased your product or service. Devote 2-4 paragraphs to explaining benefits, use bullets and lists, make this part meaty and to the point. However, do not confuse benefits with advantages.


We are a team of enthusiastic pet-lovers who offer professional pet-care services. We work round the clock and offer not only dog-walking and cat-sitting, but also full-time care in our family pet-center.

This is an example of advantage-oriented copy. How to stress on benefits? Easy!

We are a team of enthusiastic pet-lovers who offer professional pet-care services. You can be sure that your little fluffy friend is taken care of when you’re at work, as we offer dog-walking, cat-sitting, feeding, and training your pets. You can also go on vacation peacefully and entrust your pet to our 24/7 care in the family pet center (no strangers in your house!).


  1. Price + Guarantees

 At this stage it is important to show that the price for your product is GOOD. Remember, it’s not $300, it’s only $300. Also, tell about the guarantees. Guarantees are important, as your customers cannot talk to you personally, and it’s basically your website that “sells” the product. They want to make sure they can trust you, so do not underestimate the power of guarantees. Promise to refund the money or exchange the product if the customer is not satisfied.


  1. Call to action

 End your text with a call to action. Let customers know what exactly you expect them to do, be it purchasing the product, clicking the “subscribe” button, or downloading an e-book. To make your call to action more compelling, you can offer something for free (buy a lipstick get a free perfume sample), offer discounts (buy till the end of the month get 20% off), or simply use compelling numbers that show how many people have benefited already, how much money or time your customers can save if they opt for you.

Follow this simple pattern to write clear and powerful texts that touch your client’s hearts. Writing like pros is easy with a little effort and practice!

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