Why Do Women Get a Labiaplasty?

There’s no denying that cosmetic surgery is on the rise. Once reserved for those of celebrity status, modern cosmetic procedures have become more affordable and accessible in recent times, leading to an increasing number of ordinary men and women going under the knife for a variety of corrections and improvements to their appearance.

Whilst some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries include adjusting areas of the body that are easily visible to others such as the nose, mouth, breasts and sagging skin on the face and neck, others are for parts that usually stay covered up, such as the vagina. A labiaplasty is designed to correct excessively large, elongated or asymmetric labia tissue. You might be wondering why so many women are opting for this procedure on such a private, sensitive part of their body. Well, there are many valid reasons to have a labiaplasty – here are some of the main ones.

#1. To Stop Pain and Discomfort

Extra tissue ‘down there’ can be uncomfortable during daily life. Things that many women take for granted, such as wearing a thong or even pulling on a pair of tight skinny jeans, can be incredibly uncomfortable and even embarrassing for a lady who has a lot of extra labia minora tissue, as it presses against the fabric, causing chafing and irritation to a very sensitive area. In addition, certain exercises, for example, cycling, can also be uncomfortable or even painful. Many women opt for a labiaplasty because the extra tissue gets in the way during intercourse, causing discomfort or pain.

#2. To Improve Self-Esteem

With the mainstream media constantly thrusting images of ‘perfect’ women at us, it’s no surprise that more and more girls today grow up extremely self-conscious about their bodies. In turn, this can lead to low self-esteem, which can have a devastating effect on an individual – even leading to serious problems like eating disorders. Women with extra labia minora tissue may feel incredibly self-conscious when changing in the gym in front of other women, or even when undressing in front of their partner since they don’t believe that their vagina lives up to what society deems ‘adequate’. Couple this with the physical pain and discomfort of extra tissue, and it becomes much easier to see why a labiaplasty is becoming more popular. For more information on the procedure or to enquire about having the procedure done contact Los Angeles Labiaplasty surgeon, David Ghozland.

How a Labiaplasty Helps

A labiaplasty is a relatively simple, quick procedure that can help with all the problems listed above. It does not involve any surgery of the inner vagina, but rather corrects the outer labia so that it is no longer interfering with daily activities or preventing the woman from wearing certain items of clothing. In addition, a labiaplasty can also greatly improve the physical appearance of the outer genitalia; as a result, it can offer a huge boost to self-esteem.

Like many other types of cosmetic surgery, a labiaplasty is designed to help women live their life free from discomfort, pain, and self-consciousness.

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