Winter Is A (Fashion-) State Of Mind

There is something very comforting in wearing a woollen sweater and drinking a hot cup of cocoa whilst gazing out over the snow covered meadows. Only that there are notmany snow covered meadows around. Let’s face it – “Winter” is not a thing in India. But does that mean fashion is restricted to one season, summer only?

The industry delivers new fashion for women with the cycle of seasons, and winter definitely has some looks you do not want to miss out on. Here is what you mustkeep in mind when shopping for winter fashion online.pexels-photo

  1. White is the coolest colour

A crisp white sweater will emphasizeyour skin colour and looks great with long, shiny black hair. Light colours workbetter for darker complexion than they do on sun-deprived pale features. White is a stark colour that will draw attention and look elegant on special occasions. A pure white dress is often too close to a wedding dress. Choose a white top or jacket to be on the safe side. White is as treacherous as it seems innocent. When invited to an opulent dinner party, a cream colour is better suited for the job. White clothing and tomato soup simply do not go together. The mode of transportation must be taken into consideration as well. A clean white shirt will quickly show patches of dust when exposed to traffic pollution.


  1. Whatever the colour might be – a cosy sweater is a must have

Intricate knitting patterns will make anyone want to snuggle up to the owner – which might cause a big disappointment if the mentioned owner has chosen a cheap and scratchy material. Especially when the temperatures do not exactly qualify as sweater weather, it is important to go for high quality fabrics, since synthetic materials make it difficult for the skin to breathe and is more likely to leave you sweltering.

Choose a light fabric, for example a knitted sweater, with very loose pattern. A nice cashmere sweater is a real asset for your closet and will never go out of style. Make sure to check out the washing instructions before starting the washing machine as most sensitive materials need to be hand washed. To make your new acquisition wearable in summer, combine the piece with clothing that is meant to cover, not to keep warm. A slightly oversized sweater goes great with a pair of hotpants, especially on a small figure.


  1. Another perk of winter clothing is the possibility to comfortably hide all otherwise exposed skin you do not wish to share with the world. The difficulty comes with the tendency of bulky clothes to make you look bulkier than necessary. To avoid that effect,layering is key.

Combine an oversized sweater with tights. You can team a loose cardigan with a loose top underneath and then balance the outfit by wearing skinny jeans or a high-waistskirt.


The same rules apply to winter fashion wear for men. Wear a fine sweater with a pair of shorts and you are good to go!

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