Windows 10 easy transfer – EaseUS Todo PCTrans

With EaseUS Todo PCtrans review you will get to know about some of the important insides about this amazing software. It is the best software for data recovery and provides rock solid support for the windows 10. It helps in managing disk space to upgrade windows is a full fledge solution for all of your windows 10usage needs. Some of the important features are;


  • It helps in transferring programs & data among PCs
  • It supports windows 10-8.1, 10-8, 10-7, vista, XP 7 server 2003/2008/2012
  • It helps in transfer of programs & data from old to new-OS after upgrading in place windows
  • It is a complete and reliable application/data transfer tool to upgrade windows 8.1/8/XP to the windows 10

It helps in transferring data & applications. It carries up to date applications compatibility list that provide information about latest applications that are transferable. These applications may need reactivation for new PC/OS. You get the option to transfer only that data which you want to be transferred to the new PC/OS. These may include folders, music, documents, pictures and files as per your priorities. The best part of this software is that it supports various operating systems including Windows Vista/XP/10/8.1/8 and servers namely Windows 2012/2008/2003.


This is one of the highly appreciated features of this software as per EaseUS Todo PCtrans review. It makes safe windows 10 easy transfer possible for you. You can use this manager for transferring application from the old OS to the new Windows 10. This can be done via 2 methods. These methods are via image file or via network connection. Transfer can be easily done by performing upgrading on 1 computer.  You just have to directly select any of the methods and choose particular data/applications required to be transferred.


  • For file transfer via connected network, run the Todo PCTrans manager on both PCs
  • Select option that demonstrates via “connected network”
  • Programs will then detect other PC or via clicking the “+-icon” & input the IP address for connecting to other PC
  • After both PCs are successfully connected, specific data, applications and folders can be selected to transfer


  • Run the Todo PCTrans software and select transfer through compressed files
  • Go for “Create image files”
  • Select folders and programs for image creation
  • Copy image to targeted computer
  • Run Todo PCTrans software on new system
  • Select “via compressed files”
  • Now go to transferring from image files option for file transfer

EaseUS provides the best backup tools for all of your data recovery needs. It can back up the entire system`s data setting and current state. There are many other options for handling your data. It provides the Wizard for data recovery that is simple, easy and straightforward. The best thing about EaseUS is that it provides safe, effective and complete software for data recovery so that you can recover your lost files. For your server and PC EaseUS Todo PCtrans review indicates that this is a comprehensive data backup & disaster recovery tool.

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