How to win Clash of Clans while playing from TH9 War Base?

During your playing session with Clash of Clans, do you occasionally notice that you lose a lot. At times, your attacks get failed. Some of the times, you constantly and continuously lose your attacking modes. Playing from TH9 war base, you should become strong in your attacking mode. You can play this game in other million in number smart ways too. There is no fixed winning guide of this game. Do assess your raiding behavior and if it is wrong with some manner, then stop showing that attacking behavior again.

Clash of clans

Players search wrong opponents

What can be the most biggest mistake while playing from th9 war base that you choose and look for wrong opponents. You cannot win your attack until and unless you will find correct opponents of yours. Players enter in wrong league and they target wrong enemies. Once a player will set his troops and army then he should decide regarding selection of his war base. Different war bases kill opponents in different manner. Your war base should be chosen depending on your attacking strategy.

Always enter in correct league

Keep your game in win-win zone. Look for correct leagues and attack on your opponents smartly. Wrong leagues will not have surprise traps for you. But entering in correct leagues will have surprise traps waiting for you. When you will attack on your opponent, you will get a surprise trap as well from their end. In war fields and war bases, you will come across with attacking traps. Heavy funneling or be it giant based attack- counter attack on them. This game is about finding perfect enemies and opponents of yours. Your attacks can only be played down correctly when you will target your attacks on correct opponents.

When to use different spells?

Playing from TH9 war base, do use these different spells correctly. Lightning spell, healing spell, jump spell, poison spell- master in these spell series. To target your enemy, you can use scout function. Better build your army all around your war base so that you can easily defeat your enemies. If your air defense has not been upgraded then you can have balloons. You should be making specific requests right in your clan and ask them to send troops which you need. Similarly, mastering in rage spell, freeze spell, earthquake spell, haste spell is also needed. Keep your walls up to higher level. Low level walls will give advantage to your opponents.

So a simple way to win this game is to enter in correct league and finding correct opponents. Do not waste your game play time while targeting and attacking on wrong opponents. You will simply and only waste your resources while attacking and killing wrong enemies of yours. Players should keep their selves in fully attacking mode so that they can deal with heavy surprise traps easily.

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