Why You Should Choose Heartberry.me

Long back, mankind found out that the best way to enjoy the life was by indulging in eating. In order to satisfy his hunger for tastes, he went on to try many different flavors – even mixed them to get something new. One such taste was the sweetness. Although the humans of then did not know how much exactly sweet each dish should be, we have come a long way from there and developed dishes that perfectly satisfy the sugar buds in our mouth. Although what you just read was boring and lame but we had to start the article somehow.

The fact is – we at HeartBerry.me, know Mr. and Mrs. Sugar very well. Not only we know them, we make sure they visit us and cook and bake for us so we can always serve you the perfect mouth-watering dessert. Apart from this special affiliation that we have with them, there are more reasons why you should have us on your to-do list; every damn day.


Impeccable Experience Is Our Mission

When we were coming up with the idea of HeartBerry.me, we had a mission in our heart – to provide an experience, so rich and flavorful, the customers will keep craving for more. With such a big responsibility on our shoulder, we just could not settle down with a ‘yet another bakery in the place’ idea. It had to be big and unique and here we are with a commitment to serve premium quality products.

We Use Premium Ingredients

We take flavors seriously. We have developed our own recipes and made sure that each of them is special in its own way. We use a range of premium ingredients in our desserts, which give them a different and unique flavor.

Buy Amazing Desserts Online Now In Egypt

How about having a tsunami of sweetness in your mouth right in the coziness of your bedroom or treating your guests with amazing desserts in the evening without taking the pain of going to a bakery and waiting in a queue until your order is ready? We have made it possible by going online.

We Love ‘Click-to-eat’ Idea

For the first time in Egypt, you can now shop for amazingly tasty desserts right from your smartphone and laptop. This means that you carry a bakery in your pocket and bag, always. Order anything from anywhere anytime by just clicking a few buttons and bells. Within no time, we will be at your doorstep with freshly prepared desserts to satisfy your taste buds.

We Are Already a Known Name

You might not have heard about us right now but you must have heard about our daddy brand – Caesar’s Food Supply. We have been serving you from half a decade and we are proud of what we have achieved in this short span. We would take this opportunity to thank all of you for giving us an opportunity and make a promise that we will not let you down even this time. Try us!

We Are Here To Stay

We are a company with a plan. We are here to serve you for a long period. We already have one facility up and running and plan to come up with a couple more within a year. We are determined, focused and ready to be your ‘go-to baker’.

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