Why You Need an Employment and Labour Lawyer

No matter the relationship between you and the people at your workplace, always remember its just business. Your workplace should be a good place where you can meet your goals. Nonetheless, you must protect your interests and rights too. To achieve this, having access to an employment lawyer is essential. They are well-skilled in handling all forms of workplace issues. Below are some reasons you may need an employment and labour lawyer.

For employees

Wrongful termination

Losing a job can be quite a painful experience, especially when your rights are violated. Various laws in place protect your rights as an employee. An employment lawyer helps ensure employees are treated fairly and receive a reasonable payout.

To review a job offer

Employment lawyers come in handy when starting a new job. For instance, in your employment contract, the termination clause you sign determines the amount of money you’re entitled to if your employer ends your job in future. An employment lawyer can review your job offer and ensure that you sign something that puts you in the best place as you start.

Harassment, discrimination and other matters

In the workplace, issues like sexual harassment may occur and need to be handled vigilantly. Although this is an unfortunate reality that happens in the workplace, the truth is they still occur. This kind of behaviour is never appreciated, and there are laws to protect you as an employee from such mistreatment. An employment lawyer can advise you on the course of action to take when you experience this kind of treatment in your workplace.

You get injured or sick on the job

Some of the most prevalent issues that employment lawyers address are workers’ compensation claims. The lawyers can assist you in filing a compensation claim and get you paid for the long term damages experienced. For instance, you will get money for initial doctor visits, lost wages long term recovery through physiotherapy.

For employers

Workplace policies

What workplace standards have you adopted for your business? Adhering to policies as required by the law is critical to avoid being penalized. If you have access to a good lawyer, you can deal with anything from sick leave, holidays, and vacation bonuses. An employment lawyer will ensure your policies are ethical and lawful.

Employment contracts

Employment contracts are essential for the functioning of your business. Regularly reviewing your employment contracts is necessary to ensure they are up to date with current legal practice.

Drafting of severance packages

Layoffs are an unfortunate reality of doing business. However, you may want to give your employees a severance package to compensate them accordingly. In this scenario, you can create a severance package allowing them to receive a one-time payout, among other benefits, to help them get a suitable landing place. An employment lawyer can help you create a good severance package to make your laid-off employees happy, which can help avoid litigations.

Employment lawyers offer many benefits that can help employers and employees alike in various situations. The bottom line is ensuring you enlist a reliable and reputable lawyer capable of meeting your expectations.

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