Why Some Businesses Don’t Qualify for Standard Card Processing Services

There’s no question that in today’s modern marketplace, being able to process credit card payments is crucial to being able to not only compete in today’s marketplace but to thrive as well. However, many businesses will be surprised at some point when applying to find they don’t qualify for a merchant account. This can happen despite a great credit score and a good history record with no red flags.

Some businesses won’t qualify for standard card processing services and it’s not any fault of theirs!

There are many different businesses that fall under industries which are considered high-risk for merchant account providers. This means there are certain companies that will struggle to find credit card processing solely because of the industry they are in.

Standard Card Processing Services

What Makes a Business High-Risk?

There are multiple things a credit card processor will look at before making a decision. This may include payment history, credit score, and credit history. All have some degree of influence, including current cash flow. However, it is possible to be performing well in all of these categories and still not qualify for a merchant account.
One overriding factor that can make a huge difference in deciding if a business gets an account is whether that industry is considered high-risk. There are multiple industries that are susceptible to fraudulent charges, chargeback fees, and overturned purchases. Any business that experiences these issues will have a hard time getting the account they need.

There are multiple business types that can experience these issues including dating sites, membership sites, adult-themed websites, MLM business, international commerce, and much more.

Finding Solutions

While it can be difficult for these businesses to find the credit card processing that they need, that doesn’t mean it is impossible. There are several companies that concentrate on working with so-called “high-risk” clients to make sure they have the tools needed to compete. HighRiskSolutions.com is a classic example of a really good company that understands the credit card processing business and knows how to go that extra step to find a way to provide an affordable processing solution that works for all.

What Does This Mean?

HighRiskSolutions.com specifically works with businesses of all sizes who are in industries that are generally considered high-risk. They understand the need for small businesses in these fields to have the ability to accept credit card payments and that setting up a successful partnership is going to help everyone grow and profit.

By doing the necessary research, a business owner will be able to find what their credit card processing solutions are and find a merchant account that will help them to accept credit card payments and grow their business.

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