Why Shopify is the best eCommerce platform

Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that allows business owners and Entrepreneurs to quickly set up a attractive online store with ease. Shopify has gained the attention of many investors as well as individual small and large businesses. Every year, Shopify runs a build a business contest, where anyone can sign up and create a shop on Shopify. Shopify SEO compatibility is also second to non with why so many Entrepreneurs rank it highly for their eCommerce SEO.


In the internet’s infancy, setting up an eCommerce website wasn’t an easy proposition and its reliability and functionality were hit or miss. Luckily, the internet has evolved and so have the options for setting up an online store that works smoothly. But if you haven’t researched the topic in some time, you may be surprised to learn about some of today’s best eCommerce platforms that make it easy for any entrepreneur to sell goods and services from his or her website.

What to look for in an eCommerce Platform

You want to sell things online, right? That’s a great start, but there’s more involved. For one thing, you could choose to go with the eCommerce platform provided by your web hosting service – but that’s usually not the best choice unless you simply don’t want to be bothered with doing your own research and setup. Then again, you could opt for open source software, which is free, but it can be difficult to install and customize. For most applications, using a hosted shopping cart is best. Yes, you will have to pay for it, but you get much greater functionality and the ability to customize it so that it matches your online branding and looks like part of your website.

There are certain key factors that Shopify seek to meet for their clients’ satisfaction and make their shopping the best, most robust, eCommerce platform.

Here are some of the most important factors:


They make sure that their customers are comfortably doing their transaction on this site and that the chances of their data getting stolen are minimized.


Most entrepreneurs use WordPress or a similar CMS (content management system). While it’s easy to find eCommerce software compatible with WordPress or other blogging platforms. However, not all of them play nice together. But the Shopify is extremely good at integrating with most software without any complications to a point of perfection.


Their shopping cart software is highly optimized so as to rank highly on searches for their products and services on disposal. It is also easy to optimize many fetures on each page with the specific purpose of ranking well in search engines. If this still is a bit complicated for you there are specific companies accredited by Shopify itself that are Shopify SEO Experts.


If they’ve got an upset customer due to some glitch in the ordering process, they always make sure that their grievances are met at the right time and urgently. Their eCommerce platform includes 24/7/365 support via phone. Which is vital for a busy eCommerce store after all time is money.


For a large selection, they incorporate a large catalog, along with options for each item. Some of the simpler and cheaper programs can’t do this. They go for programs that are capable of meeting their interests and requirement successfully.


How easy is it to send communications to their customers and follow up with them after the sale? Their eCommerce platform allows their clients suggest related items and send after-the-sale messages based on demographics, past buying behavior, etc.

Always keep in mind that Shopify will definitely help you start making big profits online! It’s the best eCommerce online platform you can get. Why not give it a try?

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