Why Modern Brides Love White Gold Engagement Rings

Today brides have a little more say in many cases when it comes to the ring they will wear for the rest of their lives. Often couples go shopping together so he can get an idea what she likes, and getting married is more of a mutual decision than an out of the blue question. Though there are still some wonderfully romantic purists whom do things the old fashioned way, the days of being completely surprised by a proposal have begun to fade. White gold engagement rings are increasing in popularity due to how easily they go with most other jewelry and clothing choices.


The versatility of white gold allows for lots of variety in engagement band styles. The band itself can be plain and smooth, shaped into a comfortable fit design, or very intricately designed. Some offer stones set into the sides of the band as well as the top for maximum visual appeal and others take a step away from the traditional solitaire by adding multiple stones and settings. There is no limit to the variety of ways in which white gold engagement rings can be styles. Many people are not aware that gold comes in different colors, or that engagement rings can include either a single color of gold, or multiple colors of gold for different aspects of the design. This blending of gold, rose gold, and or white gold can really open up doorways for unique rings.

Getting engaged is a wonderful time in both of your lives, and it doesn’t have to be financially stressful. There is no rule about how much an engagement should cost nowadays. And an entire month’s salary might be a great idea if the woman you love is really into sparkle and has a lifestyle that will allow her to wear that rock on her finger, most women prefer something that fits their personality and style more than the bigger is better theory. Choose a ring you know she will love, and it is very probable that you have made the perfect decision. Do not lose sight of the type of woman you are marrying when you shop for her ring, make sure it is about her taste, and not about your pride. Choose a ring you can afford or put it on a simple financing plan so that it doesn’t take away from your quality of life. Though relationships do require compromise and sacrifice, engagement is not the place for those stresses.

Searching for perfect white gold engagement rings can be a fun activity for you to do together, you can really easily get an idea what she likes simply by stopping at the jewelry counter and goofing around early on in your relationship. Look at all sorts of things and try things on, and truly pay attention. Women can’t resist the pretty sparkly jewelry and will surely give you a very good idea what kind of style suits her the best.

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