Why Having a Good Website is Important For Website SEO

The whole point of having a website for a business, a company that offers the sale of goods or services, or anyone else really for that matter is to get the word out there, let people know who you are and ultimately to make money.


Having business listings is really great, even better when you have claimed and controlled them to best show your qualities you want the public to see, but it really is not enough. Marketing is tough and having a good and well functioning website will only improve the chances that a search engine comes up with you as a viable option for whatever the consumer wants.


A big and extensive website with several different sections about several different topics that relate to what you are doing will greatly increase search engine optimization and the chances of your business being found on Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

Make sure that your website is rich in important and relevant content in terms of what your business is offering, whether it is a flower shop, cake shop, or a hardware store. Having different articles, stories, and other pieces which relate to the business are vital in order to attract customers and optimize search results to get you to the top of their search list.


An important part of this content that your website has is that it has authority; it needs to be backed up, believable, and reputable because a snake oil salesman will not get very far at all. Having other websites, blogs, companies, and various other internet entities link back, talk about, and use your site for reference the higher on the list you will be on a search engine.


Another thing that helps a website in terms of search engine optimization is having a website that functions properly. Search engines look for websites that are fast to load, operate efficiently, and work properly; a search engine is not going to put your website to the top of the list if it takes forever to load and has broken links and other such things.

Having a great website will work wonders in terms of search engine optimization for your website. The thing to remember however is that there are also things that search engines really don’t want.

Keyword Overstuffing

Don’t overstuff the website, content, and articles with keywords because search engines are likely to actually not list these sites very high because the keyword overstuffing makes it look likea scam ora trick just to get a good listing.

Purchased Links

Also another thing to remember is that if you purchase links, advertisements, or other things like this that are put on your website, they will not at all help when it comes to SEO. The only thing purchased links help optimize are the results for the company or person from which the link was purchased from.

Having a website, and not just any website, but a good and well thought out website can work wonders for you and for search engine optimization; have a good website and have people find your business quickly!

This write up was done by the guys from Greedygrab. Greedygrab’s  is online business listing map directory website.

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