Why a Quality Wooden Garage i Better Than a Brick Garage

CASETTE ITALIA currently leads the Italian market for producing and selling wooden garages (called garage in legno) and car-port (generally referred as box auto in legno). For this reason we asked the company to present the reason why a classic DIY man should choose for a wooden garage instead of a brick garage.

garage in legno

“Everything starts with the appropriate design of the garage’s geometry and the sections of the wooden boards” explain Ing. Parenti, founder of Casette Italia; “Indeed, the static structure is fully created with the perimeter walls, furthermore the roof is completely supported by the travertine ”. Both these issues are often forgotten by the client, who generally looks at the external aesthetic and the final color of the garage.

The real secret lays on the row material: kind of wood used and its methods of growth. The best possible material on the market is the white Nordic spruce with the specific characteristic of the slow growth, which guarantees a minimum number of knots from branch.


The durability of the wooden garages, in Italy called box in legno, is mostly due to its resistance to humidity coming from the ground and rain. For this reason it is a “must” to have the whole interface of the wooden garage built with special wooden boards treated inside a autoclave, therefore resistant to humidity.

Casette Italia also provides tailor made projects for specific business customers. They are fully supported to  select the best alternatives based on architecture, robustness and durability, then final design of the  wooden garages is approved and produced.

ABOUT US: CASETTE ITALIA is an Italian company exporting within all Europe both wooden houses and wooden garages. The mission is to provide the best possible quality products with a superior service to the client. www.casette-italia.it

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