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Wholesale traders offer macro picture of any industry and trades in it such as shortage of pulses in the commodities market or credit card debts and defaults at any point of time. Collecting such information at micro-levels or retail levels is a difficult proposition. Moreover, there are many industries or services. Relevant information needs to be collected, analyzed, and stored systematically, and made available in such a way that the information makes sense.

Wholesale association’s

Each such association, therefore, collects information about the performance of the industry, problems faced by the industry, and charts out future course of action, defining rules and regulations that all members of the association need to follow. Pricing is one factor that is governed by such bodies. However, such prices are fixed duly considering the existing demand and supply situations.

Associations of such wholesale traders exist in different countries and States. The national or state level associations of wholesalers, is further divided into wholesale associations that are industry specific for that country. Collectively, these national industry specific wholesale associations help to lobby for any of the industry’s needs within the country, and formulate required policies and legislation. They also become liaison bodies between the industry and government, and industry and consumer.

Internationally too wholesale associations help to determine ways and means to solve situations, and consulting each other often becomes necessary, especially if industries are interconnected in some way.

Research is also undertaken by these associations to improve the product or the service and lower costs. In addition, it is not unusual for such associations to train people for being absorbed within the industry. Such associations also hold conferences, trade shows, seminars, etc.

Wholesale associations directory therefore contains information about different types of wholesale businesses across the world. These associations can be contacted for sourcing products or services. Likewise, these associations can be contacted on the addresses for holding any trade shows, seminars, etc. Many such directories are now available online. By becoming member of this industry specific wholesale association, the wholesaler increases the chances of exposure to larger market, and also gets latest information about the industry. Other membership benefits are also extended to members of such wholesale associations directories. Usually, some fee is payable for being included in the wholesale associations directory but there are directories that do not charge anything. Some of these directories, which are basically websites holding information about the wholesale businesses, are faster whereas others are slower. Being a member of the right directory is important as it increases the chances of improving the business considerably. Effectively, these directories also advertise on social media websites which bring more traffic to their site, and consequently to the wholesaler who is a member of their association.


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