Who is a Tax Assessor?

A person who owns a property that particular property has some value already fixed by the concerned department of the particular county. A tax assessor is a person who works in the field which calculates the value of the different kind of properties. Once the value of the property has been determined the tax assessor is the person who then calculates the value of much insurance and tax would be applied to the property of such magnitude. The value also determines how costly the property of the person or of that area. A tax assessor in local government is a person who is appointed through the proper chain of command to determine the value of the property.

Why is tax accessing needed?

The assessor is wrongly mistaken as a person who put taxes on the value of different things. The value of the tax is directly proportional to the value of the t property. More property value means more tax value. The tax assessing is responsible to either increase the tax of the property or reduce the tax on the property. HE is responsible for determining the balance between the fair amount and the face amount of the property.  Tax accessing is also needed to the asses and initializes the tax rate which will be implied on the result of the assessed value. Tax accessing basically initiates the process of taxes payment which generates the revenue for the county.

What is tax assessment of a property?

Property tax assessment is pretty straight forward. The process a giving a property a value of the dollar so that tax can be taken from the property. Property tax is also called ad valorem tax. This tax was established to get the tax on the basis of the value of property in possession by the owner of the property. Different countries have different county assessor department that particularly takes care of the taxes from a different department. Normally during a session of two months county tax assessment is done.

What kind of different taxes are available?

There is a different kind of taxes imposed by the government. Each county has its own rule of law and the county has its own policy against the taxes. There are many kinds of taxes most common kind are Water taxes, Gas taxes, Diesel taxes, electrical taxes and property taxes. Water taxes are imposed on all the people of the county who use purified water that is coming through the water plants set up by the government all. These plants are available all over the county they give regular water to the normal citizen. Citizen pays the maintenance bills that comes with these normal taxes. Gas taxes are applied on the gas that is used inside the home to for the cooking purposes.  Electrical taxes are applied on the power we use to light up different kind of appliances in the home. These taxes are necessary to pay the government because they are providing us sources.

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