Where To Buy An Apartment In Milan

It is important to consider that the prices of houses in Milan fell for a few years now and have already reversed the trend. In any case it may be useful to understand how much they cost, however, these houses: we will use the data from DATABASE IMMOBILIARE ITALIANO Obviously a lot depends on the area: if in the Brera prices remain high, there are areas still accessible. Average prices remain above 4000 euro per square meter. Which means that, on average, for a classic two-room apartment of 50 square meters will not spend less than 200 thousand euro.

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So let us understand the price trend quarter by quarter. Taking as points of reference prices per square meter that their “conversion” in a two-room apartment of 50 square meters (which apparently is still the most sought after type of home).

The most expensive neighborhood of all is of course that of the Old Town, where prices range between 6000 and 7000 euro per square meter. To the apartment reference therefore serve more then 300,000 euro. A short distance below the Garibaldi district / Porta Venezia: the Garibaldi district with all of its new construction is definitely reassessing: the price per square meter is more than 5000 euro per sq m. To the apartment reference serve 270,000 euro.

In third place are another area of ​​new buildings: the Fiera-De Angeli where is rising City Life. Here prices are arrived at 5000 euro / sq m and then the house is 250,000 Euros. Quite expensive, with prices per square meter ranging between 4,400 and 5,000, also the San Siro areas, canals-Bocconi, Porta Vittoria. See “annunci case appartamenti milano

Released from the most central areas, prices fall a lot, ranging from 3,000 euro / sqm Forlanini; 2,800 of the Città Studi-Lambrate and also Bande Nere-Lorenteggio; 2,500 buckets Vigentina-Ripamonti, Famagusta-Barona, Greek-Turro and Cermenate-Missaglia. Then to fall below the 2500 euro must exit from the ring.

And the most economical of all time? We found that: Corvetto-Rogoredo, Charterhouse and Comasina Bicocca are around 2,300 Euros. To spend less than that remains the only option Baggio (2,000 euro / sqm and Vialba-Gallaratese who wins the award for district cheaper than all of Milan with 1,800 Euros per square meter. For a one bedroom apartment EUR 113,000 will be enough. See more info here: vendo casa

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