WhatsApp Status Message – Do we need it really?

The WhatsApp status message is a feature that allows users to update their current status that will display next to their name and profile picture. What exactly are status messages and how does it help users?

Since WhatsApp is so extensively used the world over, it is probably the fastest means of sharing news and passing on information. When individuals may be going through the unfortunate times when they have lost a loved one, their status message may display the person photo and a simple message that will convey to the readers the news about the passing away of the individual. In this manner, individuals may be able to avoid the emotional difficulty of having to individually convey the sad news to distant family and friends. On the contrary, one can also have funny whatsapp status updates to bring a smile on their friends face instantly.best funny whats app status

People read status on whatsapp before sending a message or calling

The scope and extent of text messaging on mobile phones had reached a point where users have explored and exhausted all its different avenues. People were fed up of sending black and white text messages with offered little scope for variation or creativity. The only saving grace was the five or six emoticons that were standard features of all mobile phones. The use of SMS was restricted as one message permitted only 140 characters. So users felt that it wasn’t an adequate medium to be used while texting longer messages. Once the maximum character limit was reached, users would automatically be charged for the next message. Mobile phone users were ready to witness a revolution of sorts in mobile communication and it rightly arrived in the garb of WhatsApp Inc.

A common question asked would be that if WhatsApp messenger is an application that allows for communication through text messaging but doesn’t charge the user, does that mean that the exchange of data and information is done free cost? The answer to that question would be that users would require internet connectivity on their phones or else they would have to be connected to a WIFI port. WIFI connectivity is usually acquired through a modem that is acquired from a telecom industry and is WIFI enabled.

As per the last review conducted in September 2015, WhatsApp messenger has a world-wide user base of about 900 million users. It is no surprise then that WhatsApp is considered the world’s most popular and leading messaging application.

Updating status messages is a unique and fun way for users to be able to convey emotions and feeling to other users. Sometimes, it offers a means to just pen down a deep feeling or thought that may be taking root within the crevices of the individual’s mind or heart. These however should not always taken on face value as people who change their messages often, may be doing so to break the monotony and bring about an aspect of change. So, how about changing your whatsapp status now to something finny and humorous?

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