What’s Covered in a Cert III in Childcare?

A Certificate III in Childcare is a starting point for anyone that wishes to learn the necessary skills for a career in child care. When you have this qualification, you walk away with the knowledge of how to care for groups of children as well as teach them life skills. You’ll be able to show them educational games and aid in their development in one of the most rewarding careers available.

Caring and Teaching

Knowing how to care for children of all ages – including babies, toddlers and older children – is an integral aspect of the Cert III in Childcare. There are several areas you will work on during the course of your studies. These skills are all developed to assist you in your future jobs. For example, you will be taught nannying skills that give you the ability to form relationships with children as well as their parents. It also means understanding how to support children, as well as using your imagination to create activities that encourage children to both play and learn. These tasks are especially important when it comes to early childhood development.

Learning how to care for and teach children makes up a large part of the Cert III in Childcare, helping you to develop skills for a variety of jobs that relate to children.

Practical Health

The health and safety of children in your care is always a priority. As part of a Certificate III in Childcare, you’ll learn basic first aid skills. This imparts important knowledge to have in an emergency and is a vital component of the course, as it could be a matter of life or death one day.

Another aspect of health you will be taught is nutrition. Eating the right foods at the right times of day can have a large impact on a child’s growth as well as their mental acuity and energy levels throughout the day.

A challenge for anyone working with children is appropriately handling at-risk children. This includes children who are suffering from disabilities or who come from an abusive home, low income community or other disadvantage. When you complete a Certificate 3 in Childcare, you’ll walk away armed with the necessary skills to help these children and improve their experiences.

Your Future

An important part of the Certificate III in Childcare is obtaining vital skills to prepare you for a career. You’ll need to know how to work effectively with co-workers and handle adult disputes, as well as work within legal and ethical frameworks. Your employer will give you guidelines that you will know how to adhere to while still maintaining your confidence in your abilities.

Most importantly, your Cert III in Childcare will give your resume a boost, as it highlights both your commitment to working in the industry as well as showing off the knowledge you have gained. You will also be taught how to write an eye-catching resume as well as how to present well for interviews and answer common interview questions.

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