What Your Hair Part Says about You

Look at the mirror. In what way do you part your hair? Is it center-parted, or you prefer one side? Such a small thing can tell a lot about your personality. Read our article and discover something new about yourself.


#1 Straight Down the Center

You are very smart and disciplined person. You are very trustworthy and your friends and relatives appreciate it very much. You always help those people, who need your hand and give a shoulder to cry on. You are tolerant and respectful and a very straight person. Hints and secrets are not your way to communicate. You think that everything around should be organized and ordered.


#2 To the Right

Right sides choose people, who are more emotional and sensitive. They like to take care of people and animals around. Because of it, you often get into troubles, but you are a great trouble solver. All kinds of hobbies are good for you. Whether it be cooking, dancing or painting. And you can handle them all.


#3 To the Left

You are a real hard worker. Your personal diary is always full of duties and some “important things to do”. You almost never have spare time, but it doesn’t bother you, because you are on your way to success. You like kids and animals more than adults, because second ones are not the good company to keep for you.


#4 Bangs

If you like bangs, you like parties, fun and laughing. But, when it is time to become serious, you can always calm yourself down and go straight to your aims. Extreme combination of stubbornness, (in a good way), and love to life and adventures.

Now you know everything about hair parting and features of character. Look at your favorite singer or actresses, what can you see? Or maybe your own hairstyle doesn’t fit your personality and it is time for changes? Think about it and get suitable hairstyle at natural hair salon

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