What Types of Bags any Woman Should Own

It’s a fact that women love buying and wearing bags. They love to have diversity, so matching outfits would take less time if they had more options. From clutches, cross body bags to satchels and backpacks, we love them all, but which do we actually need?

Surely, it all depends basically on your style, but some types of bags you need to have for “just in case” situations.

The carry-all backpack we all hated during high school. It’s practical, you can carry a lot of things without hurting your shoulder. There are so many ideas on how to style a backpack, that you might be wondering how many kinds of backpacks should you buy. From super casual and sporty looks, so more fashionable mixes like leather skirts and sequin tops.

Cross-body bags for fashionable festival looks. A small, yet super cute bag is all you need for such an occasion. Go for funky designs likes the latest from Furla. Abstract appliqués and vivid colors are always a good idea.

The evening bag- the glittery clutch. You might not be invited to parties all the time, but sometimes you would need to have that bag  ready so you would avoid buying something at the last minute that also very expensive and you don’t necessarily like but you need at that right moment.

The casual-office tote bag. This is as practical as the backpack, but a bit more on the formal side. You can easily go to the office sporting such a bag, but at the same time you can wear it for a casual day out. It’s so versatile and timeless.

The school satchel. As popular as the backpack, the school satchel is again one of those designs we didn’t want to see or own a few years after finishing high school. Truth is, now we all want it. Bold colors and textures mixes for original bags that are both practical and yet interesting at the same time.

Last but not least, the travel bag. That trolley you both love and hate at the same time. It’s too small to fit your wardrobe, but it gets heavy when handling it at the airport. But you do need it, so try to find the right size for your stature and needs. Pay more for long lasting quality rather that trying something cheap. You’ll thank me later.

Which are your favorite types of bags?

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