What Kind of Training is Best to Do if You’re Going Snowboarding This Winter?

It may only be the tail end of summer, but if you’re already planning to try snowboarding for the first time this winter, or perhaps pick it up again after not doing it for a long time, then it is already a good time to start preparing your body.

Snowboarding uses all of your muscles and is also fairly demanding from a cardio perspective, and so any kind of training will help. However, here are three types of exercise to really focus on if you’re hitting the gym to get ready for your winter sports season:

The Importance of Your Core

Your core is what keeps you stable and allows you to execute the technical moves you want to do when snowboarding, and so you need yours to be strong. There are all kinds of ways to work on your core, but the most popular tend to be exercises based around isometry and things in a similar vein to Pilates. Core training is something that needs to be done with intent, so you make sure you cover all of the important muscles and don’t end up with muscular imbalances. It is best to join a Pilates class or to learn how to train your core from online resources rather than to approach it in a slapdash way.

Strength Training for Your Legs

It probably comes as no surprise that your legs do a lot of work when you are snowboarding, so make sure that if you’re doing strength training, you work on your quads, calf muscles, glutes and hamstrings. You should also be thinking about the stabilizer muscles in your knees and your hip flexors. Make sure you’re including squats and lunges in your exercise regime and using weights when you do them if you’re already at a more advanced level when it comes to these types of exercises.

Work on Your Stamina With Steady State Cardio

Cardio is important for every kind of sport, and with snowboarding, you want to make sure you have the stamina to enjoy long days of activity, so you can get the most out of your trip. Try a moderate steady-state cardio program using an activity you enjoy, such as running, dancing, aerobics, cycling, swimming or using a rowing machine. Some forms of cardio are more effective than others, but since you need to keep up this kind of exercise for long sessions over the long term, it’s most important to find something you like doing.

Remember that your performance and endurance will be improved too by having the right gear, so check out this article about well-constructed best snowboard jackets.

These types of exercise are great to do in general, but if you start up a good training regime now, you’ll definitely be feeling the benefits by the time the snowboarding season comes around. You can also pick forms of exercise that help with your balance and agility if you really want to be as well prepared for boarding as possible, such as dancing, or trying some yoga or Pilates style exercises on a balance board.

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