Web Design’s Role in Online Marketing

Whether you like it or not, your web design is a key element in your digital marketing strategy. When we talk about web design, most people just think about graphics and the aesthetic appeal of the website. However, web design encompasses the whole architecture and structure of the website. If you’re planning on launching a digital marketing campaign for your brand, then you have to know how web design affects its success. Here’s how:

Content Consumption

The first role of web design is in the consumption of content. You might be thinking that good content is the only way your readers will want to read your content. It’s true that high-quality content is the main driver of readers. However, the placement, font, and keywords also play big roles in attracting visitors. And these are all part of web design.

For instance, if you want your readers to buy something, you’re going to put a call of action in a spot where they can easily see it, and you should use a big font size as well. You won’t want to put your call of action in an obscure spot because people won’t be able to see it. This is why content consumption with respect to web design is crucial.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is really important because it tells you how many viewers become actual followers or buyers. It is a good web design that actually converts normal viewers into actual followers. A viewer is only going to follow a website if it has high quality design, easy navigation, ease of use, and appealing structure. With this, we can say that web design is one of the most important factors of conversion rate.

User Experience

According to the Society of Digital Agencies, 77% of agencies state that having poor User Experience is detrimental to the success of the website. With this alone, you can tell how important UX is. UX refers to  the overall experience of the website’s interface. This includes not only aesthetic design but also the features and functions of the website. If both those factors are appealing, then the viewers will definitely have a good UX when they visit the website. This will turn them into loyal followers.

In fact, well known IT and software companies such as NIX-Solutions put very high importance with UX because they believe that UX is the formula for a digital marketing campaign’s success. This is why experts of Nix Solutions provide only quality service to ensure that their clients’ campaigns will do well.


As you can see, web design covers the entire creation of the website which is what makes it extremely important. If you want to have a popular website, then the first thing that you need to do is have a good web designer. A good web designer can provide your website with the best overall design to not only make your website look good but also have the best features and functions.

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