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I enjoy browsing online so as to see what is being posted and discussed about the world of SEO, which is such a broad field. During one of these browsing sessions I came across articles which discussed user experience design in a very enlightening way. These were posted by a web agency Milan by the name of Fe-el Digital. I made some research about this web agency Milano, and also checked out their site and blog, and it seems that this is one of the top SEO companies in the area. It has a team who pride themselves of years of experience, and so it is no wonder that they can put up articles and blog posts that are so interesting.


There is no denying that user experience design is extremely important. Without it you can basically say that your site is useless since if the users are not getting a favorable experience, they are either going to leave quickly, or simply never bother to return ever again. Therefore when designing a website it is imperative that the web designer comes up with a truly effective user experience design.

The best way to start off is to research user experience, so that you get to learn more about your users. This will enable you to develop a design that can meet their needs and preferences. There are various types of research methods that you could use, from online UX assessments, to more formal methods that enable you to carry out usability studies which are lab-based. It is best to use different research methods so as to combine the various results you get. In such a way you will get a more realistic and insightful evaluation. One of the common mistakes many design teams commit is that they stick to just one, or maybe, two research methods. Although this will give results, it is not going to offer a wider analysis. So it is better if you mix and match different research methods. Some of the most popular methods include focus groups, interviews, email surveys, usability benchmarking, eye tracking, customer feedback, desirability studies and concept testing. Fe-el web agency Milano adopts these research methods to improve the final design.
The next step is to sketch the user experience, as you need to combine your user knowledge with visual ideas.

This will enable you to come up with a particular style that can strike the right balance between the online brand you aim to establish and what users are looking for, or placing importance upon.
The user experience design calls for regular evaluation and when requires, amelioration. So you need to measure the user experience so as to analyse, quantify and then, improve, the various elements that make up the user experience on your website.

If you hire Fe-el web agency Milano for your user experience design you may put your mind at rest that you will get a UX design that is appealing to the eye, and easy to use. Fe-el web agency Milano know that focusing on these elements is important to meet users’ expectations and increase the chances of your website’s success, both in terms of web traffic as well as popularity.

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