Ways to Save Money When Planning a Wedding

Everyone dreams of a big white wedding as a child, but as you grow up and become a bit more experienced in life and hardened to the reality of weddings, you become to realize that a big wedding may not be practical or affordable.

If you can be practical about planning a wedding, you can save a lot of money as by making decisions with your head and not your heart will mean you don’t commit to a racehorse transporting you from the Church to the venue in a gold plated carriage!

You don’t have to cut corners or scrimp on the ideas you have always wanted as that will only cause heartache and arguments with your future spouse, but by setting a budget for what it is you want and need, and stick to it, you can be clever about getting what you want for less.

Hard Cash

So let’s take a look at the hard facts of money. As mentioned above, setting a budget means that you have to be clear and strict about what the funds are going to be. If you set a maximum limit to the budget, this will help you plan what you can do.

Take a look at savings accounts and see how much you can both put realistically towards it but make sure you have noted every tiny detail of what you think you will have at your wedding, down to the napkins as those forgotten about costs can soon mount up if you don’t. If savings are not an option, then figuring out other ways of how you can pay is something that needs to be done now as you could borrow from family, or look at short term payday loans like at Bonsai Finance because then you can pay the loan off once the wedding is wrapped up.

All in the Detail

For unknown prices, do not try to guess them. Make sure you get detailed quotes off two or three DJ’s, for example, or go by recommendation from friends and family. Make a spreadsheet of these quotes and companies so you can easily compare them and see where the money needs to be directed.

For items that you cannot be sure of, such as food and drink costs, speak to the venue where you are having your reception and see what they recommend and what package they can offer in terms of whether its per person or per drink. Or if you are having a party in a field with a marquee after the ceremony, then try and work out average costs by what your friends are like. So, work out how many of them will eat and drink a lot and those that won’t, then you can gauge a good idea as to what kind of food and drink amount you need to factor into your budget.

All in the Venue

There are many ways to save money when planning where the venue is going to be. If you hold your wedding in a castle, then you are going to pay over the odds for it, whereas if you think smaller and less obvious, then there are big savings to be had.

If you live in a rural area or a small town, there are likely to be many places where you can rent a room for a fraction of the cost of big towns. Spaces such as a golf course or a community hall can be great as not only can you save money, but you almost have a ‘blank canvas’ to decorate the room as you wish.

If you’re in larger towns and cities, alternative venues can be smaller restaurants that have rooms to rent or a museum or art gallery would make for a fantastic venue as the art pieces would really add to the feel of the day (as long as you can guarantee no drunk guests draw mustaches on key pieces of art!)

Feel at Home

A great place to have a wedding venue is at your own home if you have the room as even small gardens can be transformed into a party venue with the help of marquees and string lights. This obviously saves a fortune on venue hire, and then you only have to consider the physical costs of having to tidy up the next morning!

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers always have been, and always will be, expensive as not only do all the florists the world over know there will always be a market for wedding flowers, but some bouquets can be quite exquisite, which means expensive.

If you choose seasonal flowers rather than flowers by color, then you are already reducing your bill as seasonal flowers are a lot cheaper than, for example, tropical flowers at a winter wedding.

You can also supply your own vases at the venue and source flowers from your own garden, or friends and family’s houses as not only do you save money, but you also add a personal touch to your flowers and venue flowers.

Transport Costs

Keep costs low by considering how you can combine transport costs for all guests. While it is lovely to see the bride and groom drive off into the sunset after the wedding, it can be costly having one set of vehicles for the bride and groom, one for the wedding party, then one for the guests. Either buck the trend and hire a traditional coach to move everyone along or look to hiring a limo. Even public transport can be quite novel and will make the wedding photos look really fun and unique.

Whether you want to keep it simple and sweet or you want a big party to end all parties, every wedding can be within a budget as long as a plan is set in the early days and then stuck to. Also remember ultimately, the wedding is about celebrating a special day with family and friends who don’t care how much money you do or don’t put into your wedding.

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