Waterproof Secure Smartphone

Security is a very important thing nowadays, but why not give them something back for the work they do A lot of different phones nowadays, are weak to per example dropping. But this isn’t the problem with the devices of X-System, they have very much different phones fitting perfectly with being part of the security. 3 examples of these phones are the secure XTel 7500, 9000 and 9500. This is wish come true to a security guard or the ones fulfilling a job of that sort. The people doing the security can sometimes come in contact with the people doing wrong. Causing their phone per example to fall. This doesn’t do good to their luxe Smartphones. But this isn’t a problem no more with all of the 3 given devices of X-Sytems. Let’s take a look at what can be found about the much anticipated Smartphones of X-Systems.

Also, all 3 waterproof smartphones come in SIM Lock free, with the DUAL-sim option. Causing you to have the option to choose between 2 different providers. Even from foreign countries! Further, the 3 phones are also proof to; water (up to a depth of 2meter), shock, dust, freeze, tempe and oil.

This can be quite handy. Especially for the people come across a bit more of tougher circumstances during their job. Such as a security worker.

The features found on your average smartphone can of course also be found on the secure XTel, such as Whatsapp stay in contact with friends, colleagues and family. You’ll also have access to PlayStore to fulfill your applications needs. Working can be quite time consuming, whatever your job is. But with the 3800 mAh waterproof battery you will be packed. With enough power to take you on a short travel or even an whole weekend trip. Empty battery power shouldn’t be a problem no more.

Also the waterproof smartphone hasn’t your usual screen implemented. The screen is a “Gorilla Glass 2.0’’ 4”7 inch high definition display. The ‘’Gorilla Glass 2,0’’ is a 4”7 inch high definition display. Giving you access to brighter images. It’s slimmer, has a greater touch sensitivity and is overall stronger than its predecessor.

This display is sunlight readable, completely waterproof and has In-plane switching (IPS) wide-angle technology, for the best, clearest and unmatched viewing experience from all angles. Causing you to get the maximum out of your screen, under all kinds off circumstances, strongest type of sun or an heavy drop. Don’t let your phone be an extra headache on top of the usual ones.

The most important (according to many) feature on the secure XTel 9500 and secure XTel 7500, especially looking at the fact it can be used as a security member. Where there could be a risk of danger sometimes. Is the SOS Panic button. The name says it all. This button can come in very handy or lifesaving during an sticky situation. It sends message of the exact location of the person concerned to (a) pre-installed phone number(s) or emergency services.

Such a small feature but maybe so important, why isn’t such a thing a standard on a conclusion, all 3 waterproof secure smartphones really fulfilled my expectations.

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