Washington power: TOP 8 monumental buildings to touch history

This article is devoted to Washington interesting places. It sounds like Washington DC (District of Columbia), or simply DC. Washington is one of the most favorite cities in the USA. Being here you can feel a unique aura that you cannot feel somewhere in New York or Chicago, where people are always busy by running from place to place, and streets look similar to each other. There is something special in Washington, probably, the feeling of power.

Overall impression
You know, it really smells of real political power: ministries, departments and authorities are everywhere around. People, working in state machine of the most powerful country in the world, still get to their work by mass transport: they squash in the subway, hold a long line in Starbucks, wearing just formal suits and dresses. Being a tourist, it is better to get a car just from the airport to your hotel, using rental car service for traveling the city.
As far as Washington is full of national meaning, you should come here at least for two days in order to visit all Must see places. Meeting them, you will enrich your concept of Washington.

National Mall
Do you think it is a shopping center? You are wrong. Planning the city, a long central road might be spread along the city center, more than 2 kilometers long. However, there is a big park instead of the street with many administrative building around now.
It is hard to say that this place is the most beautiful in the city, like New York Central Park or Millennium Park in Chicago. Absolutely not. It just an open square with big lawns, straight pathways and play grounds in the open air.

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United States Capitol
The building process of this important construction with big columns, terraces and large dome was carefully conducted by George Washington in 1793. Nevertheless, the process was prolonged for a couple of decades, having an opportunity to be rebuilt, renovated and expanded for many times.
Capitol building was a base of the city planning process. The other words, this is geographical city center, dividing Washington into 4 districts. Capitol consists of two parts – Northern and Southern. There is talk that it is prohibited to build something higher than this construction within the city. This is the main reason why you cannot meet sky-buildings in the city center.

White House
This is a famous residence of all USA presidents. It was built in 1800, and John Adams became the first person, who lived there.
There are 6 floors in the building: 2 ground floors, 2 floors for public meetings, and 2 last floors for president and his family. You have an opportunity to visit White House right now, but you should order the excursion first. This place is not a secret place of the city. There is a chance to see top public officials through the fencing. Nevertheless, pay attention to security, which is everywhere. White House is opened for visitors, but president and his family should be carefully protected.

Washington Monument
This monument is the highest stone construction in the world. It is more than 170 meters high up at the city. Just few people know that you can raise monument terrace to watch city views. It is important to have enough time and stand a long line first.

The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool
This pool is a part of Lincoln Memorial and the biggest reflex pool in Washington. Its length is about 618 meters, wide – 51meter and depth of 46-47 centimeters. The pool was built in 1922-1923. It is one of the most favorite places for tourists to make pictures there.


Lincoln Memorial
This memorial was built in honor of the most respectable American president Abraham Lincoln. In our time this lovely place is a popular leisure area for tourists and locals. You can see a beautiful iconic view to National Mall, Washington monument, Reflecting Pool and other interesting places here. Lincoln Memorial is opened round the clock.
Overall building style looks like ancient Greek architecture sample. The high roof, 36 Dorian columns, which symbolize 36 states of the USA to the moment of Lincoln death, make a picture well rounded. There is a big Lincoln statue inside.

The Pentagon
This is the main building of National Military Establishment of the USA, which is situated in Arlington, 10 minutes far from Washington. It was built in 1942, being the biggest office building in the world. About 23 000 officers and other specialists work there. According to its name, Pentagon has 5 sides. This is a 7 floored building with more than 29 kilometers of circled corridors inside. There is an open area in the center, which is called Ground Zero.
Traveling by car, it is no problem to get there. Otherwise, you can get using bus or subway. Pay attention to the rules: photography is prohibited here, so going inside the building too.

Smithsonian Institution
Visiting Washington, don’t forget to visit one of the most popular museums. First of all, all museums here are high-class. Secondly, all of them are free. You can use this pleasant free service due to the scientific organization interference – Smithsonian Institution.
The organization combines 19 museums, 11 of them are situated on the territory of National Mall. Frankly speaking, this is the biggest museum complex in the world, including a large amount of architecture monuments, modern exhibition halls, 136 millions of exhibits, and 2 scientific magazines – Smithsonian and Air & Space.


These are a list of the museums, worth your attention:
Air and Space Museum;
Natural History Museum;
National Zoo;
National American Indian Museum.

These were the main and most popular interesting places of Washington. Planning your trip, don’t forget to pay attention to visiting them. Moreover, most of the architecture monuments that were mentioned before make a List of American Architecture – the catalog of the most prominent and lovely by Americans buildings and monuments. To learn more about Washington, though, American history, see beautiful and prominent places, touch eternity samples and feel real power of political perfection you should find time and visit Washington.

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