I Want to Write Music – How Do I Start?

Everyone gets bitten by the music bug at least once in their lives. They hear music they really love and they want to try and create something like it. They get inspired to make something that touches someone in the way that the music they love has touched them. Or maybe they just see it as a way to get rich quick. Either way, here’s how you can get started writing music.


 Learn Music Theory

Learning music theory is vital but is something that is sadly harder to do these days. In this day and age most people focus solely on writing the actual lyrics rather than writing music as a whole. There are so many groups out there who just sing and don’t play that it’s kind of become the norm. Of course if you don’t plan on writing the music, and just want to write the song, you can probably forego learning music theory yourself. You still need a basic knowledge so that you can understand how and where the lyrics fit with the melody, and how to match the note of the vocals with the note of the melody. You don’t need to know everything but having basic knowledge will go a long way.

 Consider a Music Scoring Program/Suite

There are a number of programs out there designed to help people learn music and put songs together on their computers. Programs like Sibelius and Finale can go a long way. They can also save you a ton of money because all the sounds of the instruments are included! You just need to arrange the notes on the sheet. You can also plug your real instruments into the computer and record them straight onto the note sheet. When you actually record music it helps if you can perform it live because this adds a touch of reality to it but most people are perfectly willing to listen to 100% computer composed music.

 Write Engaging Lyrics

As well as learning how to compose music you also need to learn how to write lyrics. The good news is that this is much easier to do than learning music theory. There is tons of information online about how to write a catchy and engaging song. A song about a random subject is going to be lampooned and laughed at, and a song about something emotional is nothing without emotionally impactful lyrics. So learn how to write a song as well as how to write music.

 Put it All Together and Out There

Now that you know how to compose music and how to write lyrics it’s time to put it all together. Compose the song and record the lyrics; performing the song live if you have the instruments and knowledge. When you’ve managed to complete your song then it’s time to get it out there!

There are a number of options for publishing your song. You might be tempted to go straight to a record company but they receive many submissions and might not even consider you unless you already have a bit of a following. Think about publishing your music to a YouTube channel so that people can listen to it and share it for free to build up your fanbase. Use an independent music platform like Bandcamp to add a price tag to your music. A combination of free music on YouTube that directs people to paid albums and singles on a service like Bandcamp or a band website is the perfect storm for the indy musician.

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