Tips on Working in the UK

If you’re thinking of coming to the UK to work then there are a number of things that you need to consider. Firstly, you’ll have to address the issue of immigration to the UK, and more importantly, whether or not you will be entitled to enter the UK and thereafter work. Once this has been established, there’ll be many more factors for you to consider such as the type of work, geographic location, your family and how long both you and they can stay. In this article we look at tips on working in the UK, with specific emphasis on the issue of immigration to the country.



Before you make what might be a life changing decision, it may be best to first visit the UK to get a feel for what it’s like – the weather, people and places etc. There are huge regional differences between the areas even though the UK is relatively small. If you do visit though be certain to check whether or not you will need a visa for your journey before you come.



You may find the prospect of upping roots and moving quite daunting, and so any little help that you can find may be welcome. If you’re looking to work, then perhaps find a specialist recruitment agency to assist you, or do your research online. This will be relevant too in terms of areas to live and the kind of accommodation that you will need, a little pre-planning is always a good thing.



If you’re a none European-migrant you will need a visa to visit/work. It is always best to check prior to your journey and in plenty of time too, as the application processes can at times be lengthy. You will need to consider your family too, if appropriate. The type of work you’ll be doing together with the length of stay etc. are all relevant when it comes to Visas. Again there is help online, especially at the Government’s own website. Remember, the changes around Brexit will affect European migrants in the future too.



We’ve already considered those that you may be taking with you or leaving behind, but think also of the possibility of there already being family members in the UK. If there are, this may affect your Visa application, and indeed which Visa to apply for.



It isn’t just the pay that you receive, but also what happens to your pay. You will in all likelihood need a bank account, and probably one registered in the UK to receive your pay. Most companies will not pay you direct, but instead into your bank. Secondly you will need a National Insurance (NI) Number as payment of NI may give you more entitlement to state benefits, should they be needed at any stage.


There are many factors which you need to consider before coming to work in the UK, but hopefully these will give you a good starting point upon which to focus. Moving countries and cultures is a huge commitment, and so the more you prepare, the smoother it will be. If you’re still thinking of making the move, good luck in your adventure.

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