Why Is Volunteerism A Great Way Of Traveling?

Everyone would like to be rich and get to travel the world; however, not all can achieve this dream. Volunteering to help others using our skills can also be a great way of traveling the world. If you are qualified, there are some organizations that will offer you transport and accommodation in return for your services.


Not everyone is lucky enough to own businesses and have three-hour workdays. If you are limited on time due to work and other obligations, you might find it hard to have holidays and time to volunteer. However, if you want to have both, you can go for what is known as volunteerism (this is when you mix your holiday plans with some volunteer work.) If you take a trip to volunteer Costa Rica, there are many places to visit for both volunteer work and for fun. If you are looking to really get to know about the ways and cultures of different countries, touring will not do you justice. The following are some of the reasons why volunteerism is the best way for you to achieve your goals:

  • Better Cultural Understanding
    When going on holiday abroad, you expect to experience a lot in terms of culture differences to better understand the natives. If you want to have a better understanding of a country, mixing your holiday with some volunteer projects will work wonders. When you volunteer Costa Rica on your vacation time, the mingling and working along the natives will give you a firsthand exprience to their cultures. If your Spanish is not that good, a volunteerism will help improve you improve your level of Spanish, more than if you were on holiday.


“I’ve learned so much from these kids, and they honestly are most adorable kids I’ve met. Coming from hard backgrounds they were still normal kids who loved coloring, skipping rope, football and of course running around.” Anne Mari Ikonen


This is because on a holiday you can never really connect with the locals. As a volunteer they get to a point where they see you as one of their own and you will experience the cultre from within.


  • Saves You Money
    Volunteering aboard costs money (the amount varies on the number of days, service provider and the plane ticket) and it is a smart move to try and save as much as you can. If you were to go for a holiday and then go for your volunteer Costa Rica trip on a different time, you will end up spending more. Merging the two together will reduce the costs considerably and even provide a more rich cultural experience than if you were just on a holiday.
  • Joy of Giving and Helping
    There is joy found in giving and helping the less fortunate.  When going on a trip, the most sought after feeling is that of joy while having a great time with friends or family. If you decide to mix your holiday with your volunteer in Costa Rica trip, you will end up happier and with much richer experiences. This is what everyone who goes on holidays is always after –that and relaxing of course.


“Most of all I felt like we were doing something meaningful, which for me was the most important part in the whole volunteering. Without us the kids were mostly playing on their own outside the house,… So we were basically only ones who played with the kids.” Anne Mari Ikonen

For you to really have traveled the world, you need to be able to at least have some understanding of various cultures. Deciding to use volunteerism is a good choice that not only saves you money but also adds meaning to your holiday. Your next volunteer Costa Rica trip should be mixed up with your holidays, that way you get to stay a bit longer and have more fun.

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