Does Vidarox Treatment Work

HPV is shockingly more common than the usual knowledge of everyone. 75 to 80 percent of sexually active people will have been infected with HPV before 50 years old. As a woman, I felt even worse because I knew that the chance of me getting cervical cancer would be much greater. Knowing that 99.7% of cervical cancers can be caused by HPV was destroying me from the inside. My doctor was telling me to regularly check for it to start the treatment as early as possible.

I am a 26 years old woman who is currently living happily and confidently with a healthy relationship while carrying HPV. Let me tell my story of how I turned around and got my life back together from the seem-to-be-terrible decease.


I met the guy, whom I got infect from, through a get together with my friends. He was extremely attractive, and I couldn’t resist myself to him at all. I ended up letting things go too fast and we had sex on our first date the week after. Unfortunately, things immediately started to not feel right afterwards. There was this burning sensation I feel whenever I pee. It felt like a cut on my clitoris. Ultimately, I started to panic when I found out around 4 or 5 warts near my labia. I immediately went to see a gynecologist. It was HPV. The doctor confirmed my fear and I could barely hear what she said afterwards because the world collapsed at that point for me.

In fear, fury, and tears, I called the guy and asked about it. He said he knew he has it but at the time the symptoms were not showing so I thought I would not get affected. Also, he told me he did not want to see me again and it was all a one night thing. Reality hit me hard soon after I hung up (or what I thought was reality at the time). I thought I was unloveable and everyone including my friends & my parents would start to see me differently. In other words, society would see me as a slut.

The hardest part of HPV was not the decease itself. It was the guild, the shame, the fear, the doubt mixed in altogether. I felt hopeless. I felt ruined. I started to drink more and stop caring about my life. The genital warts outbreaks were uncomfortable too. They kept on reminding me every day that I would never have a normal life style again and that I would be isolated from everybody forever. I didn’t know what to do physically about the outbreaks nor the hopelessness I was feeling inside.

The breakthrough for that dark time came when I found out about a friend of mine who also has HPV. It was a girls’ night out just me and her and she told me everything when she was drunk. I was so relieved to finally find someone who I can trust and tell all my secrets. We talked so much about it that night and I cried. She gave me a lot of advices from her own experience and how she overcame all the negativity that HPV brought her. I started to talk feel more confident about myself as well seeing how my friend was still happy with her life just like a normal person. She even had a boyfriend.

I even started talking about my HPV condition more openly and began to turn my life around. The regrets and guilt from that one night stand stopped haunting me. My friend recommended to use VidaroX for my genital warts because they were the first one to use nanoparticles in HPV treatment. I decided to try it out because, at this point, I trusted her everything regarding HPV. It was expensive but it worked! The severity and redness of my warts visibly reduced after the first night. All it took was 4 days for my genital warts to subside. With this product, I could start to have a healthy sex life again following safe protocols.

Since then, I started to use my HPV condition has a test for potential soul mates. If they decided to run away, they did not deserve me in the first place. Thanks to that, I was being able to meet my wonderful boyfriend, now a fiancée, because he decided to stay and looked past my physical condition.

I owe my best friend everything because she was the guide for me to get out of that dark time of mine. She recommended VidaroX to me while I was clueless about treatments. She showed me that a happy life with a healthy relationship was perfectly possible. I hope, through this story of mine, you would also recognize that you are not alone in this too, and you are also deserved to have a happy life just like anybody else.

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