Uzbekistan – Country for Recreation for Every Taste

Uzbekistan is a country in the heart of Central Asia. This ancient land was part of the Great Silk Road, along which rich caravans passed. This way connected the Mediterranean with India and China. Along the caravan roads, new cities emerged, which flourished thanks to trade. Culture, cuisine absorbed the traditions of those nationalities, which belonged to merchants.

Now Uzbekistan is a modern state with developed infrastructure and tourism industry. If you are interested in the East, its culture, traditions, then choose Uzbekistan tourism packages. Here is a very diverse nature. Feel the stifling heat of the desert, the coolness of mountain lakes with clear water. Visit cities with ancient architecture.

The present ancient East can be seen visiting the cities of Samarkand, Khiva, Kokand, Termez, Bukhara. This is an incomplete list of the oldest cities in Uzbekistan. It is very convenient to visit many cities of Uzbekistan by train. And you can buy Uzbekistan train tickets with the help of Pepotravel Company, the leading tour firm not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia.

Regardless of where you plan your vacation, Uzbekistan for a tourist opens from the capital—Tashkent. Today it is a modern multicultural metropolis, where not only all politics and economy are turning, but also where one can safely come for hours of excursions, besides the use of the city as a reference point of any route.

It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Uzbekistan without visiting ancient Samarkand—the pearl of eastern architecture, which panoramas are known far beyond the borders of Central Asia. Most of the guests are here for excursions, and there really is something to see in the city.

Samarkand is associated with trade. Do not think that all the trade in Samarkand is a street spontaneous market, although the Siyab bazaar, mentioned in medieval chronicles, located next to the key shrines, is the absolute leader in attendance. Time here as if stopped. Here are the traders in skullcaps and striped robes, pilaf, preparing for fire, and live music.

Something reminiscent of Samarkand Bukhara is the third most popular tourist city of the republic. There is a historical center with monuments of World Heritage, as well as many other things, no less interesting for sightseeing.
If we take a similar “diagonal” of important cultural objects of Bukhara, then the list of the most significant places will include Fortress Ark, Chor-Minor, Chor-Bakr, Lyabi-House, Kosh-Madrasah.

If one of the tourists thinks that there is no mountain skiing in the Central Asian region, Uzbekistan will refute this view by offering Chimgan, the main winter entertainment center in the country. The specifics of the holiday here are different, but the status of the main resort of this kind is justified.

Season skiing in the mountainous areas of the country lasts from November to the end of February. With the first spring rays the tracks begin to turn into a mess mash, and with the slightest frost—into the ice sheet, unfit for descent.

Regardless of how your holiday was planned, Uzbekistan cannot be visited, bypassing the tea house, oshkhona (Uzbek dining) or other catering establishment. Culinary traditions of the country number a thousand years, and during this era, many dishes were created, which then entered the menu of many world restaurants.

You can hardly imagine Uzbek dastarkhan (Uzbek setout) without tasty vegetables and fruits grown in the hot sun in fertile valleys. Sunny Uzbekistan abounds with sweet grapes, honey melons, juicy watermelons, fragrant apricots, pears, ripe apples, quince, peaches, pomegranates, figs and various berries.

Biological and landscape diversity in the Republic of Uzbekistan is one of our national treasures. Thousands of years of evolution, cultural and historical traditions of many generations of indigenous peoples bequeathed it to us. But we are happy to brag about our beauties and welcome foreign guests in Uzbekistan.

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