Why Use Professional laundry Services?   

laundry services

Many businesses choose to use On-Premise Laundries (OPL) rather than out sourcing their laundry needs to a laundry/linen company. However, having your linens serviced by a professional laundry company like laundromat Milwaukee will always ensure higher linen quality, cleanliness and professional appearance. Studies also show that a laundry company will cost less.

Laundry Service? Of Course It Costs Less!

Consider these factors:

Utility Costs: What are your actual direct-fuel costs for hot water used in washing? What are your costs for natural gas or oil used in your dryers? What are your electricity costs for running laundry motors and other equipment?

Repair Costs: Are you allocating a portion of your in-house maintenance costs for the time staff members spend repairing and maintaining laundry equipment?

Personnel: In addition to wages for laundry room personnel or staff members who must also do laundry, are you calculating the cost of fringe benefits, taxes and insurance that typically add 25% to 35% to your cost of labor? Remember that having your laundry done by a laundry company such as Koala-T Coin Laundry, will save your employees time and in turn will save you money. Plus the convenience is unmatched.

Depreciation: Your equipment and textiles are worn out as they are being used. How much is this costing in terms of eventual replacement cost?

Supplies: How much do you spend on laundry supplies. A manager should review all costs that involve laundry detergents, bleaching agents and or softeners. The quality and chemistry of the detergents are vital in cutting costs and prolonging the life of all the linens. United Laundry, eliminates this cost all together and does so while using the best detergents and chemicals in the industry to clean, disinfect and prolong the life of your linens.

Management: How much management cost and expense is allocated to the operation of the in-house laundry?

Cleaning Process: If you are operating a laundry, using regular commercial washers and dryers, your finished product (washed and dried linens) cannot compare to the superior finished product of a laundry services company, which uses advanced industrial equipment.

Koala-T Coin Laundry’s existence depends on its ability to efficiently process linen. Laundry is what professional linen services are all about. Efficiencies of scale, dedicated facilities and other production efficiencies allow this Laundry to reduce the cost of laundry processing to significantly less than most in-house laundries. Finally, there is the convenience factor. Why would you worry about your laundry? Laundromat Milwaukee Services offers you low, cost-effective rates that makes doing your own laundry obsolete. You will have the peace of mind knowing that no matter how much laundry you used during your business day, it will all come back to you clean, fresh, and neatly folded—–the very next day!

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