How to Use Instagram Marketing for an Email List that Makes Sales?

So you are going to devote your time on Instagram marketing, just follow these steps to grow your followers and push your coupon codes to attract more followers and sales. You can get the wave of sales from two simple steps to start now.

This way, you have to set up an email newsletter. It should be easy for your followers to get best deals just at their mailboxes and so they can easily get their goodies when they are ready to buy your products. It all works well when you achieve strong following on your Instagram. If you have up to 1000 Instagram followers, you have to level up your following. This way, you can create attractive email signup sheet and attract your followers to signup. It seems absolutely complex to add a newsletter on top of your list of to-do list. Once you get the flow going and watch the stream of sales, you will definitely see why it is worth it.

Creating Email List to Drive Sales

You have to start with Instagram audience in your strategy and it can help you collect up to 20 to 100 emails in each post and even more according to your reach.

This way, you have to create a signup form to snag emails from your IG profile. You can find a lot of email marketing services. This way, we use MailChimp to set up a signup form and make email list.

  • Create your own account
  • On “List Tab” create email list
  • Fill up the details in this form
  • After clicking “Signup forms”, choose “General forms”
  • Make and personalize your form related to your customers

Make sure to add fields you require (such as emails, name and you can also add things like birthday, zip code etc.). Remove the fields you don’t require. Don’t demand too much information or it can turn your customer off.

Focus Your Marketing Posts to Gain Email Signups

So, you’ve got registration form. Now it’s time to get your followers fill out the things with emails. Here’s how to do it with some more marketing magic.


  • Research Your Followers

Instagram is the best platform to generate awareness about your brand and work on customer development. Before you focus your followers for anything, be sure to refresh your knowledge about them.

You must survey your existing and new followers. Consider what language they are going to speak, what they want, and what they like. You can amplify your copy and start with quick refresher. Attractive tone can increase bond between your business and your customers. Along with asking for emails, you need to give value.


  • Run Giveaway

Consider something your followers like and what you want to offer. It can be promo codes, free downloads of guides, prizes, discounts and product samples. Your prizes should be relevant to your audience. If you are selling jewelry, offer something like “download our jewelry usage guide for free” as an incentive for your followers to get their emails.

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