How to Use Email Marketing to your Advantage

At first glance, email marketing is a tool for customer relationship management. When marketing managers use this tool properly, they can receive the highest return on their investment. Depending on the type of customer, a customized email should be sent to them regularly. Before diving any deeper, there is a law in Canada, which prevents solicited messages from being send to an individual without their consent.

The main advantages of email marketing are its extremely cost effectiveness, highly targeted, and customizable on a mass scale, as well as completely measurable. Epsilon Electronics, an audio and video company located in Montebello California, is well aware of how to use email marketing to remind customers and even potential customers about them and their industry.

Email Marketing

Before you begin employing an email marketing strategy, your company should have a clear guide on what your goals should be. There are different types of emails that could be sent to your audience. One of them is promotional emails whose goal is to either get users to make a purchase, download content or request further information. Notice how they have an immediate goal compared to newsletters. These are used for longer-term goals aimed at creating and retaining long-term relationships with customers. In this type of strategy, knowing the right key performance indicators is very important. Open rates, click-through rates and number of emails forwarded are just a few things you should be looking at to see what works best. Understanding which message to send to which client is key.

There are a number of email service providers (ESPs) to choose from. Depending on the number of emails you will be sending, it is good to do your research on the options there are for your business. If you plan on sending more than 50 emails at a time, then it would make sense to purchase software and server or partner with an ESP. Epsilon Electronics Inc. has experience dealing with ESPs and most of them are do-it-yourself services.

More and more people have smartphones, which they carry around with them wherever they go. The layouts of emails have to be modified in order to accommodate the smaller screen size of phones. The actual message of the email should not change since most customers tend to switch from their smartphones to their laptops. The goal should be an email that displays well throughout all devices. This can be achieved through responsive email design.

Something to keep in mind when deciding to start an email marketing campaign is the number of people you have registered in your database. Epsilon Electronics Inc. has started this strategy once they have had about one hundred customers. If possible, keep track of what triggers each customer. Say for example one customer only buys your product or service after some kind of incentive, in the future keep sending them those kinds of emails.

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