Upgrade your pistol with Zev Technologies Dragonfly Stripped Slide

If you want to improve your self defence performance one of the main considerations should be up gradation of your pistol with accurate parts. But most of the companies offering this service are quite expensive and frankly speaking, customising a pistol might cost more than purchasing the weapon. Moreover, a Glock is purchased for its toughness and reliability, but many of these up gradations sometime scraps so many parts that it’s reliability comes under question.


So if the expense is holding you back for up gradation of your pistol, don’t worry because a selection of dragonfly signature cut stainless billet slides are now offered by Zev Technologies with ready to install the feature on your Glock.17-4 stainless steel billet has been used to machine these slides. DLC or PVD coatings provide much higher tolerances than standard Glock slides.  It ensures proper strikes because it consists of a lowered ejection port, accurate breech face and pin hole that fires. The Zev technologies slides are designed in such a way that it reduces the total weight of the firearm. Zev technology’s Dragonfly signature slides are the most popular cut configuration. This design while maintaining structural rigidity helps to remove the most amount of material. So, search the online to buy now.


  • Budget friendly

It provides budget conscious people an opportunity to improve their weapon without going out of budget. Self up gradation features help to upgrade your weapon on your own without sending the weapon off to up gradation service providers. Thus, this 811745024646 product helps you to save money by providing easy and hassle free up gradation.


  • The right slide

All Zev slides provide custom features that are based on your needs. Zev technology 811745024646 being the most popular model removes much of the surface materials making the weapon lighter. Also helps to improve heat dissipation from the barrel.

     – Increases accuracy and performance

These slides are designed in such a way so that it increases the accuracy and performance of your pistol. If you want to add a more aggressive styling to your pistol you should definitely go for these slides. The design and style of these slides give an aesthetic edge to your firearms matching the enthusiasm you have for shooting. Blue loctite is used by Zev in order to install the screws as it prevents the screws from backing out.

You should definitely take a look at the ZevTechnologies Dragonfly Stripped Slide Glock 34 Gen3 w/ RMR Adapter Plate. Zev technologies have been named one of the best private companies in the U.S. If you want an up gradation of your Glock without any hassle then contact Zev technologies. It’s a best and durable product and most of the people prefer this. So, buy now it.

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